Google Introduce Maps Incognito Mode For Android Smartphone Users

The giant Google Maps is one of the best go-to apps for us and to some, we can say it is the only app for navigation and tracking. On top of that, Google Maps now come with an added feature of going Incognito. The feature is similar to the incognito mode available on Google Chrome that allows users to go disguise without leaving any traces of browsing history. At this moment, it is just accessible to Android users but for iOS users, it will come soon.

As per the Google support page, when an individual turns on Incognito mode, the activities in Maps like the places they have searched or to get directions won’t be saved to Google Account. When the mode is turned on, the Maps will not save an individual’s browse or search history or send notifications. The application will likewise not share your area, update your area history or utilize your information to customize Google Maps, Though, the Google team is still in a process to provide this feature to all the Android users. So, if you are not seeing it now don’t panic, it will be available to you in a few days. Once it is available, you can tap on your profile picture to switch the modes. See how easy as a breeze.

However, Google Maps will even now require your genuine topographical area to appropriately put you on the guide, much the same as how internet browsers still need your IP address or a few bits of program information. In secret Mode doesn’t make all of you undetectable. It just makes you for all intents and purposes untraceable. But, if you are using Google Maps via other apps or through Google Search, some data and activity will be recorded or it may be possible that Incognito Mode will not work at all.

You may be wondering, what is the need for Incognito mode? Supposedly, you’re sharing your location with someone through Google Maps, it’ll pause updates about that device’s location when active. And Google Maps Incognito Mode will also stop app-related notifications and app personalization. Although, it doesn’t offer protection over the entirety of your devices.

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