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Grace Africa, a prominent TikTok user from Nigeria, recently publicly admitted on social media that nobody showed up to her meet and greet event. The social media influencer has a sizable online fan base. Nobody did, however, take advantage of the chance to meet their hero. Several of her supporters posted messages of support on social media. While it was an embarrassing moment for the TikToker, she did not fear sharing this on social media. Well, the video has gone viral all over the internet now as netizens are coming in support of Grace for being so bold to even post it online.

Grace Africa Meet and Greet Video

As per reports, Grace Africa is a popular TikTok star, thanks to her more than 1.3 million followers on the video-sharing website. She recently participated in the meet and greet portion of VidCon. It was an event that would have given her huge followers an opportunity to meet her. Although Grace has a sizable online fan base, it appears that nobody attended the social event. In the viral video, Grace is seen all dressed up as she looks at the vacant auditorium. Taking to her official TikTok account, she uploaded the video.

Posting the video, Grace Africa added a caption that reads “When you set up a meet and greet and no one comes”. The TikToker was also seen with some wristbands that appeared like they were made for her fans. Within some time of the upload, the video went viral on social media. Apart from TikTok, it was shared on other networking sites including Instagram, Twitter, and more. If something like this would have happened to any other person, one can expect them to be filled with tears. However, that was not the case with Grace.

In another video, Grace is seen explaining how nobody showed up to the meet and greet she organized. Hearing this, her mother expressed immense shock. She went on to ask the TikTok star if her followers even knew about the event. Grace was seen ending the phone conversation with her mother by saying that she wanted to cry. Well, she did not really cry though as she was heard saying she did not cry and went to read her book in the hotel instead. Netizens are reacting to the viral video and are praising the daring of the TikTok star for sharing the clip in the first place. Follow for more updates.

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