Gunther’s millions Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Gunther’s Millions, Emilie Dumay or Aurelien Leturgie’s new show, will start streaming on Netflix next month. The documentary is about Gunther, a German dog who supposedly got $400 million from an unknown countess. There’s more to the story than that. The project put together a bright spread that shows what the real story is behind such cute description.

Gunther’s Millions will be made by Netflix and has four one-hour parts. It will be similar to Tiger King, This Tinder Swindler, The Story a Serial Murderer, and many other popular Netflix investigative documentary programs. The dog-gets-rich plot, on the other hand, makes it seem like a much lighter and funnier offering than usual from the popular video service.

Gunther’s millions : Release Date

The first season of Gunther’s Millions, with four episodes, will be available on Streaming on February 1, 2023. Each show is longer than four hours, with a run time of in excess of four hours. No one knows what the names for the various shows are yet.

Netflix doesn’t release each episode of a show one in a time every week. Instead, it shows all of its episodes at once, so viewers can choose to watch them simultaneously or one at a time, like many people accomplish these days.

Gunther’s millions : Trailer

According to the video clip, Gunther, a German Shepherd, has a very exciting life. The millions were left to him by a mystery countess. On top of that, Gunther’s shocking fortune is linked to how close Maurizio Mian is to Gunther.

Gunther’s millions : Cast

Emilie Dumay or Aurelien Leturgie are seasoned TV professionals who came up with the idea for the new Gunther’s Millions drama. They are working on this project together for the first time. Dumay writes, produces, and used to be on a lot of TV shows, like Planet Primetime, Expedition Unidentified Golden: The Journey of USA’s Best Gymnasts, The Incredible Race, and Bye Resnick Saves the World.

Gunther’s millions : Storyline

The press release for the Netflix drama says, “the dog’s wealth has grown through a large empire spanning two continents, complete with fancy homes, a beautiful entourage, or even a pop music group. But as any good dog will tell you, it’s always worth digging a little deeper.”

Italy’s Maurizio Mian is a businessman and pharmaceutical owner who stands out in Gunther’s life. Mian is the one who came up with the crazy lie about the dog’s wins, the cult-like atmosphere around the dog’s filthy rich habits, and the secret scientific project which may be cloning the dog.

A German countess named Karlotta Leibenstein is said to have died in 1992 and left her dog Gunther a fortune worth $80 million. She and Mian are probably the two most well-known characters in the play.

The net is worth about $400 million because of the investments Mian made over the years. But investigating TV shows might show that these claims aren’t true. Because the dogs come back every year, the water gets murkier.

It is said in the one-minute and thirty-second film that Gunther IV got his money from Countess Leibenstein, just like his grandfather Gunther III did. It was said that Leibenstein didn’t have any near family or children, so that’s why herself German Shepherd complied with her will.

At one point in the video, the mystery Mian says that the dogs are helped by the multimillion-dollar trust who Liebenstein left behind. But there is no proof that Karlotta Liebenstein ever lived in real life. He told an Italian publication in 1995 that the countess’s name was made up “to promote the principles underlying my institution.”

It shows shady land deals, shocking experiments with society, and one of the biggest tax fraud scams in American history. Gunther’s Millions tries to interest and attract viewers by showing an empire around the German Shepherd that the dog probably doesn’t know about.

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