Harley Quinn Season 5  Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

There will be a fifth season of Harley Quinn, which means that Kaley Cuoco as Harley Quinn and Lake Bell as Poison Ivy will be back together to serve as the ultimate superhero power couple. It would have been so simple for Harley Quinn’s movie debut to have been a quick rush job to cash with on the character’s fame rise thanks to Margot Robbie at Suicide Squad.

It first aired in 2019 upon the now-defunct DC United streaming service. Instead, the show quickly became a hit with viewers for its humorous but true to life take on the beloved globe of DC and its willingness to take chances with its well-known and beloved characters.

That’s just a taste of the crazy things that will happen in the future season. If you want to know more about the planned cast, status, story, and other things, here is everything that is known thus far for Harley Quinn The season 5.

Harley Quinn Season 5 : Release Date

Harley Quinn, a popular cartoon show on HBO Max, has been taking the entire globe by surprise with its rude humour, fun characters, and touching stories. The show has won many awards, like the Golden Globe Prize for Best Animated Series, since its premiere in 2019. It has a huge following of fans and is praised by critics.

When the fourth season ended in September of 2023, fans couldn’t wait for Season 5 of Harley Quinn to be announced. There isn’t a confirmed release date yet, but the show’s fame and positive reviews make it very possible that it will be renewed.

There isn’t an official date for Season 5 of Harley Quinn yet, but it’s likely to come out sometime in 2024. Production is expected to start in the second half of 2023, and the movie could come out in late fall as well as early winter 2024.

Harley Quinn Season 5 : Trailer

We can’t wait for the next season of Harley Quinn, but let’s remember some of the most exciting moments from the previous seasons. In this exciting video, you can see Harley and her friends go on crazy, funny, and unpredictable journeys.

Harley Quinn Season 5 : Cast

There’s not a good chance that anyone else but Kaley Cuoco would voice Harley Quinn in Season 5. The star of “The Big Bang Theory” is very funny in the show, and she even gives Margot Robbie an opportunity for her money as the best actor to play Harleen Quinzel. Most likely, Lake Bell, who plays Poison Ivy in “In a World,” will join Cuoco as Harley’s on-screen partner.

The list of people who play Harley Quinn’s several DC identities has always been long, and it keeps getting longer. Ron Funches (Trolls) as the tech-savvy King        Shark,JamesAdomian(American Dad!) as the nerdy but lovable Bane,

 J.B. Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm) if Ivy’s sarcastic houseplant Frank, along with Alan Tudyk (Wish) in both the theatrical Clayface and the partly changed Joker are all likely to return as their villain voices.

There are also the real heroes of Gotham City, such as Diedrich Bader (Napoleon Dynamite) as Batman, Jacob Tremblay (Room) as Robin, or Christopher Meloni (Man of Steel) if Commissioner Gordon. You can also see Briana Cuoco (The Flight Attendant, and sister of Kaley Cuoco) as Barbara Gordon or Sanaa Lathan (Alien vs. Predator) as Catwoman, the other two members of the Gotham City Sirens.

We know for sure that Harvey Guillén, who plays Nightwing on What It Do in the Shadows, will be back for Season 5. His character was brought back to life in the Season 4 ending. After Season 5 was renewed, Guillén hinted at his return in an Instagram post.

Harley Quinn Season 5 : Storyline

The plot for the fifth season of Harley Quinn is still a closely kept secret. Still, fans can’t wait for Harley’s journey to become one of the most important bad guys in Gotham City to continue. Now that she is free of the Joker, the woman is ready to face new enemies and problems, all while keeping track of the complicated relationships between her friends and allies.

Harley is likely facing new problems and enemies now that she is free from the Joker. She will also have to deal with complicated relationships between her friends and partners. The fact that the show is always changing things is one of its best qualities. However the previous season did leave open some story holes that the fifth season could fill in.

In the last episode of the previous season, the Gotham City Sirens were fully formed. They are Harley Quinn, Ivy of Poison, Catwoman, who is or Barbara Gordon as Oracle. Even though this appears like the best team-up ever, their personalities and pasts could make it hard for them to work together.

Unpredictability represents one of the best things about the Max show, or Season 4 leaves fans with a lot of unfinished storylines that the fifth season could possibly pick up. A lot of people have ideas about where the story could go.

Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, or Barbara Gordon as an Oracle formed the Gotham Metropolis Sirens in the last episode of the previous season. This partnership could be exciting, but it could also cause fights because these strong people have very different pasts and personalities.

Also, Season 4 ended with Talia al Ghul via the Lazarus Pit to bring Nightwing back to life. Harley Quinn may have killed Nightwing by accident, which could make Nightwing want to get even with Harley Quinn. Additionally, now that Bruce Wayne is out of jail, he will probably talk to Harley about her role in Nightwing’s death.

Harley ended her painful connection with the Joker, performed by Alan Tudyk, at the start of the cartoon show. The remainder of the debut season is about her as she tries to become famous as a bad guy without being the Joker’s shadow.

The group of her fellow jerks and weird antiheroes, like Clayface and Dr. Shark, are helping her with this try. Though season 1 gave hints that they might be more than friends, Ivy and Harley’s bond was clear from the start. Toward the end of the second season, Harley finally understands that her feelings for Daisy go beyond friendship.

Their relationship doesn’t become official until the end for the second season, when they finally tell each other how they feel. We hope that season three will explore different parts of this new relationship and go into more depth about the new couple.

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