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Henry Cavill’s zodiac sign reveals monster superpowers of ‘The Witcher’

Man of Steel. Monster hunter. Dapper gentleman. He can do it all!

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you: Henry Cavill. Tremendously talented, otherworldly handsome and a down-to-earth geek, Cavill, 39, catapulted to super stardom for his portrayal of superheroes.

He’s a leading man, born to take center stage, blending raw masculinity with quiet sensitivity. Most widely known for his versions of “Superman,” “The Witcher” and Sherlock Holmes, Cavill’s career goes much deeper, as he has a whole arsenal of talent to draw upon.

While he has kept the attention on his talent—and muscles—throughout his time in the spotlight, praised as one of Hollywood’s ‘hottest aliens,’ he recently went Instagram official with girlfriend Natalie Viscuso.

So what lies ahead for Cavill—will his star continue to rise? Join we as we dive into his cosmos because I’m a pop culture astrologer and I can see it all.

Henry Cavill zodiac sign birth chart
Henry Cavill is a Taurus Sun.
Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Henry Cavill birth chart shows his strength exists on every level

Henry Cavill was born on May 5, 1983. This makes him a strong Taurus Sun with an eccentric Aquarius Moon. While his birth time is not confirmed online nor by me directly (get at me!), we will focus on what we do know is accurate in his chart. When looking at his elemental energy, he has a strong base of Fire, Air and Earth energy—very easily split with very little Water. This reveals that he is a deeply passionate individual with great resources of energy and perseverance to draw upon. He is quite analytical and likes to approach life in a practical and intellectual way.

When looking at the overall themes that run through his birth chart, there are two that rise up very prominently. The first is that Cavill—to an immense degree—is tremendously strong-willed. He has high energy levels, excellent intelligence and can focus his will toward anything he desires and achieve it. This is first highlighted by his Sun, ruling his life force, in a sharp clash with his Moon, ruling his inner life. On one hand, this brings him great levels of instinct and emotion, but can also lead him to at times feel that he thrives when friction or tension is present. It helps him to become motivated and use it as a fuel to accomplish what he sets his mind upon.

Henry Cavill zodiac sign
Henry Cavill has an Aquarius Moon.

His Mercury, connected to his mind and communication, is united with Mars, revealing he is a tireless hard worker—almost to the point of overworking himself (to be honest, he probably does all the time; I feel ya, bro). His drive to succeed is great and he knows how to use his skills with high levels of poignancy. His Saturn is also united with Pluto, further bringing him magnetism to be seen as a leader eager for authority, power and achievement. He thrives in these arenas.

The next theme is that Cavill exhibits a great eccentricity to the core of his spirit, almost queer in a sense. He is driven by a need to be different and can be rebellious to the ideas of established norms and society. His Jupiter unites with Uranus, expanding his originality and inventiveness—always eager to explore other realms and consider new worlds, rather than ever being boxed into an outmoded status quo that does not fulfill him. However, because of this courage to be a bit different, it sets him apart rather than just being a pretty face—it gives him his star power and makes him fascinating to watch.

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His Saturn also dances with his Neptune, bringing him a visionary and artistic quality. Last, with his Moon smiling upon Uranus, it once again reveals that he can’t be held down—he craves his individuality, freedom and experimentation in order to feel satisfied on a core level. It’s truly no wonder his most famous roles have been ones where he is a character that is far more than human.

Henry Cavill birth chart
Henry Cavill’s birth chart shows what brings him eccentricity.
Jay Maidment

What are predictions for Henry Cavill?

When peering into Cavill’s life, I can see many things that are happening for him—as well as where he has been, too. First off, his workaholic vibe has certainly been paying off and will continue to as his progress forward grows. Professional success will continue as planets accentuate sweet angles upon him. However, I will be honest—I think there has also been a sense of loneliness within him at times, too, as if he has had to face his own inner self and has likely felt some losses, too.

Saturn, the planet of hardship, has moved over his Moon, which can trigger a sense of sorrow or that one is under a dark cloud and unable to express their emotions truly. Then, Saturn was squaring off with his Sun—and clashing with his Mars, Mercury and Chiron—bringing tough love and challenges that he has had to overcome on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Luckily, because he is used to obstacles arising, he uses them as motivation to power himself up and scale new heights.

Henry Cavill zodiac sign
Henry Cavill is entering one of the most important periods of his life.
Getty Images for Netflix

On a personal level, he’s set to experience some extremely significant new cycles. He is undergoing powerful eclipses in his Sun sign—bringing destined events for him to face as he steps into a new era—as well as across the sky from him—signaling big turning points around relationships, both personally and professionally. On one hand, his happy partnerships could rapidly move to the next level, such as moving in, getting engaged or making long-term commitments. If they’re not in alignment, he will release them.

These exist from the end of 2021 and last until 2023. The most magnificent times still lie ahead, though, as Jupiter, the planet of miracles, dances into his Sun sign in 2023 and 2024. Jupiter will unite with his Sun, Mars and Mercury, too, eliciting blessed new beginnings around his goals, travel and ideas. May he soar like the super man he is upon his next greatest adventures. You heard it here first.

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