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“His mother is with a lawyer at the hospital. She wants to disqualify him.”

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On September 8, 2018, the life of Camilo Blanes, Camilín (38 years old), for all those who love him well, he changed forever. That black Sunday one of the biggest stars of Spanish music globally passed away, Camilo Sesto. His voice faded forever and his fans mourned the death of the idol. Camilín, on the other hand, grieved for the departure of his father, whose loss still has not been overcome today.

Last November 25, almost two weeks ago, the universal heir of Camilo Sesto entered urgently in the ICU of the Puerta de Hierro University Hospital in Majadahonda with a serious prognosis. According to the first information, the young man had supposedly spent several days partying at his home in Torrelodones celebrating his birthday.

Now THE SPANISH you have contacted your ex-partner, Christina, who has felt the need to vent because his mother, Lourdes Ornelas, does not allow her to visit him at the clinical center where he is.

Camilo Blanes and Christina Rapado at the time they were dating. Ceded

First of all, Christina, how is Camilo?

The real state of health of Camilo Blanes is only known by his mother. And her mother gives the information she wants. Because when you go to the hospital, they can’t tell you anything. If she says she’s on the floor, she’s on the floor. If she says she’s in ICU, she’s in ICU. I have friends at the hospital and they tell me that he is progressing favorably. The only one who has the information is Lourdes and nothing more than her.

How did your relationship with him start?

We started the relationship in 2008. It was a two-year relationship, of comings and goings. At that time, it is true that Camilo Sesto did not give him money. He lived with some Dominicans in the Glorieta de Quevedo and his mother, Lourdes Ornelas, was in Mexico. I have come to see that there was no food on his shelf in the refrigerator and I have done the shopping. We get hooked a lot. He’s very funny.

How did they meet?

In a seedy den called The Myth. Let’s see, it was an after party. We spent three days together. He came with addictions from home. It is true that if I have been with him and a party has come up, we have done it, but I have never had any hook up.

Addictions in the plural? Alcohol was always talked about.

He is a normal boy who drinks his beers and everything is fine. But when he has a beer, he goes to the gin and tonic and from there, he drinks other things … He has a very bad drink. We have gone to the movies, we have had a coffee, a soft drink … He does not need to drink anything just got up, like these cocaine addicts who take it already in the morning. Theirs are party addictions. He can be a fantastic month and if one day he goes out, he spends three days of holidays. Its problem is that it has no end.

What do you do at work?

I was going to release a record with Sony Latin. He was going to make a record with Juan Tarodo, Olé Olé’s drummer and they are projects that he has left in the middle because now that he is a universal heir and has so much money, he is not interested in anything. He is happy at home, playing Play, he is very lonely. And if one day comes up and a party of two, three or five days takes place, then it does.

Christina Rapado, Camilo Blanes' ex-partner.

Christina Rapado, Camilo Blanes’ ex-partner.

Who are your real friends?

Does not have. The person who knows him best is me. After we were together, he went to Mexico because he hit rock bottom and left with his mother. The problem is that he has always had people around him throwing their heads at him like a hype. Like Lydia Lozano. She has sold a lot of Camilín shit and always says that she has been part of the Camilo Sesto family. Not at all. Camilo Sesto couldn’t bear it. Camilín said: “What does this lady want?” Lourdes can’t stand it either. He calls her “dog face,” “con artist,” and “thief.” The other day the two of them were talking on the phone in Sálvame: “Ay, Lulú” and the other one “ay, Lily”. With those two names, what two names, Lulú and Lily, they look like two transvestites from Chueca.

And what is your current relationship with Camilín like?

A passionate relationship. Based on excesses, at night, madness, fun and sex. He is very good at sex. I am very fond of him. When all this hospital admission happened I was in Budapest and I had spoken with him two weeks before. I told him to stay and he said no, because if we saw each other we would get involved and that he wanted to “fuck it good” (have a good party) for his birthday. The problem is that he has a chronic disease and does not have the defenses that others can have. He is very naturopathic and does not like to take medicine.

Why was the hospital admission then?

For that party. Imagine: three days without sleep, rain and weakling because he does not eat very well or eat much … pneumonia has worsened. He was admitted because pneumonia had worsened and that is why he went straight to the ICU.

Why did Lourdes Ornelas deceive her by telling her that she was on the ward when she was still in the ICU?

Because she cheats on everyone or by leaving me in a bad place if I said something. The last time I went to see him, she was furious and started telling me that I was only there for the cameras. There was a press there and I did not make any kind of statements.

Lourdes Ornelas with her son, Camilo Blanes.

Lourdes Ornelas with her son, Camilo Blanes. Gtres

Didn’t you tell Lourdes that you were going to go?

No, because I have the hospital ten minutes away. He got super aggressive on me, grabbed my shoulders and shook me. A shame. Anyway, I went home and she phoned me very nice and soft, telling me that we had to think about Camilo’s recovery. I was sorry and told him that this was not going to happen again. Then Aurelio Manzano called me and told me to write a message to Lourdes apologizing. Total, that when Save me gave the information, they put the statements that I had given, but with distorted voice and my images with Camilo, pixelated. Later, Belén Esteban began to say that I should not be named because it was banned. And now, the last straw: Lourdes came on the phone saying that I had written to ask her forgiveness. But if Aurelio Manzano asked me, who was in league with her!

How will Camilín react when he is aware of all this?

It will react well. He has a persecutory mania. He always believes that they want to kidnap him and that they are recording him. He constantly says that his mother does not want him and that what he wants is to keep the inheritance, which is impossible because all this left him tied and well tied Camilo Sesto. This woman wants to make him a Britney Spears, she wants to disqualify him from managing or being the legal guardian of Camilo’s estate.

Could Lourdes be with the doctors trying to create a report to present to a judge and thus disable him?

She is in the hospital with a lawyer! When they say that Lourdes and Camilín’s girlfriend, María, are in the hospital, it is not true. First, because he is no longer with María and second, because the one who is there is a lawyer. A lawyer of the same fur as her.

What is the house in Torrelodones where Camilín lives like?

Camilín had an internal married couple who looked after him. These people are not here right now … so the house does not shine with the ostentation and glamor of before or of the time in which Camilo Sesto lived.

Christina Rapado in an image given to EL ESPAÑOL.

Christina Rapado in an image given to EL ESPAÑOL.

What are those three-day parties like?

Look, there is a place called El Campeón, which is an after party that is on the service road between Camilo’s house, the area of ​​the chalets, and the town of Torrelodones. That after is on the road and in front of a whorehouse. That’s where they sell the goodies. So, when he wants to “fuck it rich,” as he says, he takes his bicycle or his electric skateboard and goes to El Campeón and meets four mataos from Torrelodones who are after meat. And, typically, it pays for everything … ‘How many bags of pistachios do you have to take? I already pay for them. ‘ Besides, when he gets like that, he talks to everyone and he doesn’t care. And he will end up in everyone’s bed and you know what they will do to him or what will be stolen from him. And he doesn’t care for that as for being sad, saying that he wants to leave here, that he wants to commit suicide, that nobody loves him … Then, suddenly, he sings a song by Camilo Sesto to you. And he is good people.

Is it wasteful?

He doesn’t spend anything. Their expenses? An electric scooter. Zero spending. He doesn’t buy clothes, he doesn’t buy luxuries, nothing. The expense he has is when he gets rich, that day he can spend a thousand bucks. But what does that money mean for a person who generates more than 250,000 euros every three months in the SGAE for the father’s copyright? That, plus the properties, plus the money, which were more than three million euros …

Will it come out of this?

I think so. And I hope it serves you. People don’t change, they just sleep. But if this scare is enough for you to realize and be relaxed until spring, then great. But later he will forget, the trumpets will sound and he will go back to business as usual.

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