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Hong Kong rallies ruin gas near China’s liaison office

Hong Kong has observed the second day of violent collisions amid police and pro-democracy demonstrators who are also outraged at alleged police savageness.

Police ousted discharge gas and rubber bullets at protesters attempting to relinquish the Chinese government’s office.

Thousands of demonstrators have exerted over roads near Sai Wan and Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong has witnessed eight back-to-back weekends of anti-government and pro-democracy rallies.

It is listed as one of the safest cities in the world – but fresh rallies have been accompanied by violent conflicts amid demonstrators, police and masked men brandishing sticks suspected of being criminal gang members.

Sunday’s objections accompanied activists weakening shielding helmets and goggles forming barricades at many locations and chanting “free Hong Kong”.

The rallies started as a police-authorized meeting in a park in the central business area before demonstrators challenged the regulations and moved west towards the Chinese liaison office in Sai Wan and east towards the Causeway Bay shopping area.

Hundreds of police hindered the protesters from entering the Chinese liaison office. The building had been reinforced with plastic barricades and a Chinese government emblem above the front door had been embraced with plastic protection, as per the Reuters news agency.

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