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How Chris Noth was written off of ‘Equalizer’ after firing

Warning: There is a big spoiler for the April 10 episode of “The Equalizer” ahead.

Following Chris Noth’s December firing from the CBS series “The Equalizer” after he was accused of sexual assault, his character has finally been written off.

Noth, 67, portrays Bishop — former CIA Agent Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah)’s mentor and friend — in the action series.

The last episode the “Sex and the City” alum appeared in was the Season 2 episode “Separated,” which aired on Jan. 2 and filmed before the allegations came to the light.

Since the start of the year, six episodes have aired, none of which featured Noth’s noticeably-absent character.

But the April 10 episode, entitled “The Pulse,” finally addresses where Bishop has been.

Sunday’s show revealed that Noth’s Bishop has spent the past months aiding a CIA investigation into a flight that suspiciously went down.

Chris Noth on The Equalizer
Chris Noth in “The Equalizer.”
CBS via Getty Images

Robyn joins forces with Harry Keshegian (Adam Goldberg) and Melody “Mel” Bayani (Liza Lapira) to figure out what mysteriously happened. She learns that the accident most probably involved her foe, Mason Quinn (Chris Vance), as well as electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) that can take out a plane using magnetic fields.

Robyn and her CIA handler, Carter Griffin (Brett Dalton), travel to a location where they believe Mason is meeting with Daniel Blake (Denis Ooi) to test out an EMP on a different aircraft. That’s when they discover that Bishop is on that particular plane that is being beamed by Mason.

Once Robyn finds out what is going down, she hurriedly asks Carter to hack into systems in order to contact air traffic control and Bishop’s security.

After Mason captures Robyn and Carter before they can hack into the computers, the pair must watch as Mason and Daniel get on deck to fire the EMP at Bishop’s plane as it’s flying by.

As she’s forced to watch Bishop’s aircraft crash, she sobs and says she’s certain he’s dead.

Melody arrives just in time shortly after Mason decides to kill Robyn and Carter. Melody fires her gun at the two men, but Mason comes up unharmed. Robyn quickly runs to dismantle the EMP and then targets it towards the helicopter Mason is on.

The Equalizer
Queen Latifah and Chris Noth appeared in the 2020 CBS series ” The Equalizer” together.
CBS via Getty Images

However, a stream of good conscience overwhelms Robyn and she stops herself from firing the EMP as she realizes people on the ground will die from a falling aircraft.

Following a round of drinks with Mel and Harry, Robyn sighs and slumps over with her friends. She admits that whatever Mason’s next move is, she’ll find a way to stop him.

She mulls over the fact that Mason killed Bishop because the latter knew too much and he was trying to help Robyn and the CIA catch Mason once and for all.

The episode ends with Robyn surprisingly receiving a call from Bishop’s number. But it was actually Mason only taunting her by saying: “This is the second time you’ve gotten in my way. Don’t come after me because then I’ll have to come after you.”

Four women accused Noth — who was also killed off of the HBO Max “Sex and the City” sequel series, “And Just Like That” — of sexual assault last year but the actor denied the claims against him.

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