How Did Helen Wilson Die? HBO’s Mind Over Murder Check Cause of Death

HBO is all set to telecast the case of Helen Wilson in their show Mind Over Murder. Helen Wilson’s assault and murder case will be depicted in the show in the upcoming episode. This case was one of the most popular cases in the history of the country because 6 innocent people were convicted in this case that too without much evidence against them. Helen Wilson was a woman who was brutally assaulted and then was killed at her residence in the small town of Beatrice.

Helen Wilson HBO's Mind Over Murder

This case was one of the most buzzing cases of that time. Helen Wilson’s assault and murder case was mostly topping the headlines during that time. The real convict of this barbaric felony was Bruce Allen Smith. Although Bruce was under the radar of police for questioning and reports claim that he was even questioned by the police officials but he managed to pull off the investigation over him, police officials let him go at first but later after deep digging Bruce was convicted for his misdeeds.

The weirdest thing, in this case, was that 5 out of 6 convicts in the case confessed to the police to committing this felony. This was a very big turning point in the investigation of this case. Although talking to Bruce, he had a criminal history. Bruce was earlier charged with an assault case in the year 1981. He was the prime suspect in the case. According to the reports on the night of Helen Wilson’s horrendous murder, Bruce was at a bar nearby to Wilson’s residence. Bruce was thrown out of that bar after he tried to assault a woman in the bar.

It is reported that Bruce brutally assaulted Helen and later killed her. His DNA sample was matched with the DNA samples present on her body, but Bruce kept denying it. He didn’t accept the felony. But reports claim that the testing labs were called out for not working responsibly and with honesty. Later after almost 2 decades, Bruce was found the real culprit who committed this barbaric felony with Helen Wilson. Although, Bruce didn’t face punishment for his misdeeds.

Reports confirmed that Bruce died in the year 1992 due to AIDS. Bruce was never convicted of assaulting and killing Helen Wilson. But he was convicted for his earlier crimes which included Burglary and assault. HBO is all set to telecast this case story for the audience on Monday 20 June in its popular show Minds over the murder, which releases a new episode every Monday. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.