How I Met Your Father Season 2  Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Tonight in the US, the very last two episodes of the second season of How I Met Your Father air. Fans in the UK are eagerly anticipating when they will be able to watch the new episodes. Luckily, they won’t have to wait for long. Before the end of July, Disney Plus confirmed that people in the UK and Ireland will be able to watch part 2 of How I Met Your Father season 2.

Still, you might need to be very careful not to give away too much, especially if there is another surprise appearance from the original show in the end, which would go viral on social media. Here is everything you require to know about Part 2 of Season 2 of How I Met Your Father.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 : Release Date

The second season of “How I Met Your Father” will start on Hulu on January 24, 2023, with new shows coming out every week. Season 2 will be available on Hulu in just a few days. Beginning on January 24, the second season will be available to watch. 

It will keep fans busy for a bit more time than Season 1. Like how each season of the original show had about 20 episodes, Season 2 of How I Met Your Father has twice as many episodes. From the 24th on, new episodes of the series will come out every week.

The group went back to where they were on July 20, 2022, to earn the first room read after the sequel was extended. They then went into the production stage for the next few months. Fans of the show will finally get to see what happens next with Sophie and her friends now that filming is over.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 : Trailer


On January 11, 2023, the video for How I Met Your Father came out. We see more laughs and hot love in the new clip. As a whole, the clip looks like it will be more fun as Soph looks for her true love. There seems to be no trouble between Sophie’s newfound guys, Jess and Meredith, but things have changed between Valentina and Charlie.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 : Cast

Hilary Duff is back to host the following season of How I Met Your Father. The former Lizzie McGuire star is also the show’s executive producer. The weird group of friends from the first season is now with her. Best friend Vina (Francia Raisa), hopeful singer Jessie (Chris Lowell), or his foster sister Edna (Tien Tran) are all there.

There’s also Sid, the owner of the bar, played by Suraj Sharma, who married his longtime partner Hannah, played by Ashley Reyes, last year. He also saved Charlie, played by Tom Ainsley, from being kicked out by hiring him as a waitress.

Ian, played by Daniel Augustin, makes a surprise return after being absent from the season 1 finale. Michael Cimino enters the cast as Swish, a regular part. Also, Kim Cattrall, who used to be in Sex in the City, will be back. She will play an older version about Sophie in the episode’s flash-forwards, telling her son an account of how they met his father.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 : Storyline

The story hasn’t been explained in full yet, but Season 2 will have to deal with a lot of things that happened at the end of Season 1. Even though Jesse told Sophie he loved her, she broke up with him because she wasn’t equipped to commit to him.

Even though she tried to make things better, he went back to his out, and based on the trailer, it looks like they are still together. Sophia is able to look for a different companion, which is the reason why she starts going out with a different man in Season 2.

It was already said that Valentina or Charlie broke up, yet it does not seem like a final choice. They keep coming back to each other because of their physical bond. At the end of Season 1, Ingrid (Tien Tran) departed on a date or got a new job. 

It will be fascinating to learn what has transpired since then. In the ending, Sid (Suraj Sharma) told his friends that he marriage Hannah (Ashley Reyes). It’s likely that this pair will have more screen time together in the new shows.

It’s safe to say that this season will be all about on-and-off relationships, and the characters will be in for a wild ride. Hulu’s official outline to feed How I Met Your Father “In the not too distant future, Sophie is going to tell her son a tale of how she came across his father—a narrative that catapults you back to the present, at which Sophie and her cohesive collection of friends are in the act of figuring out where they are, what they desire out of your existence, as well as how to fall in admire in the age of dating platforms and limitless options.”

Isaac Aptaker or Elizabeth Berger, who created the show, gave away a few facts about it before it started. After the first season finished, Aptaker told Deadline that the show would focus on the female actors as single women in New York City, specifically Valentina. 

When asked about the show’s second season, Aptaker said, “We’re really excited for it.” People have talked a lot about this character’s reckless and crazy days in a single woman, instead we’ve never seen them because she’s thrown into a relationship very quickly.

“So season 2 will continue to be a chance for you to see what Val looks like beyond her marriage with Charlie along with what she and Sophia look like as women at the town hall meeting with the guys, at least upon Valentina’s side.”

In the first show, which aired on January 18, fans found out that Soph meets her future spouse at the engagement party for Sid and Hannah. Fans started guessing right away which of the party guests was the father, and throughout the season, Ian, a marine scientist, Drew, who was a school vp principal, and Jesse were all strong candidates.

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