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How to Choose Artwork for Your Room

Ten years ago, you chose some cool and colorful framed posters for your bedroom and hung them on the walls, along with a collection of photos of your family and a huge bulletin board filled with vacation mementos.

Now, a decade later, the posters have faded and no longer look attractive, the young nieces and nephews in those photos are now driving and graduating from high school, and the bulletin board looks shabbier than chic.

In other words, it’s high time for an artwork makeover. The only problem? You’re not sure which pieces you want to purchase to decorate your space.

To help make this process as fun and easy as possible, consider the following tips:

First, Assess Your Wall Space

Before shopping for new artwork, it’s important to determine how much space is available in your home. You might have a large wall that would be perfect for a giant statement painting, or you may have a couple of small walls that would do better with several smaller pieces. In any case, find the tape measure or treat yourself to that laser wall measuring tool you’ve long had your eye on. From there, jot down the dimensions of your available vertical space and then refer to it as you select new pieces.

Next, Choose Pieces that Speak to You

Art is more than décor for your walls — it’s also highly personal and tends to reflect your heritage, interests, hobbies and more. For instance, if you adore books and love the huge bookcase in your bedroom stacked with hardbacks, paperbacks, coffee-table books and other reading material, you might choose artwork that will complement your favorite activity. In particular, an art print of a framed library due date card would be an amusing and whimsical way to honor your appreciation for books. You could also add a photo or two of your favorite authors, as well as a framed book cover you especially love, to put on display.

Think About Black and White

One of the best things about black and white artwork is that it naturally complements virtually any style of furniture as well as the overall color scheme of a room. To update your family photos, you might consider a new collection of black and white photographs to display in a gallery style on one large wall. Or, you could select some of your favorite photos from your last vacation and have them printed as black and white posters.

Finally, Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

When picking out art pieces for certain rooms, by all means, mix and match your selections. For instance, you can pair the antique vase your grandma gave you and that you have on display on a bookcase, along with some contemporary artwork. The important thing to focus on is choosing pieces that figuratively speak to you; the fact that they don’t “match” will simply make the collection more interesting.

Your Room Will Seem Like a Whole New Place

When you show friends and relatives your new artwork, they may also inquire if you bought new furniture as well. This is because some carefully chosen new art pieces — albeit photos, oil paintings, or sculptures — will rather effectively set the tone for the entire room. Have fun choosing your new pieces and transforming your room into a space that’s just right for you.



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