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How to Get Rid of Anxiety: Top 6 Mobile Apps

How to Get Rid of Anxiety: Top 6 Mobile App

Today, we cannot do without our phones. Even with an old smartphone, we can chat with friends, open a 20Bet sportsbook bet online & use cash out on the go. What’s more, these devices are great assistants for those who want to fight against anxiety. In this case, the following apps can help you.


With 7Cups, a person in a depressed state can contact a professional or layperson who is willing to listen to their problems.

First, the user chooses from a list the problem that serves as the source of his ailment: anxiety, depression, insomnia and so on. The next step is to select with whom to communicate: a lay listener or a therapist. The system searches for someone who could listen to the user. Usually the search takes a few minutes. The communication itself takes place in chat, there is also the possibility of interaction in groups.

Besides chat, other features are available in 7Cups: for example, instructional videos for dealing with anxiety and depression, a tape of positive thoughts and sayings, and audio lessons with breathing techniques. The user can not only accept help, but also listen to someone who needs support in a difficult moment.

The app is called 7Cups for a reason. With this, the developers wanted to emphasize the process of personal development that occurs after every cup of coffee or tea with a companion.

Unwind HD

An app for those who want to relieve anxiety, fall asleep to relaxing sounds, or start meditating. In Unwind HD, you can select different recordings, like the noise of thunder, rain, sea tide, the singing of cicadas, the crackling of logs in the fire.

Each sound is accompanied by a soothing moving picture in HD quality. You can set a timer, and the app will turn off after a certain time. You can also combine the picture and sounds as you like or import melodies from your own media library.

The Five

We often try to establish relationships with others, while knowing ourselves poorly. The Five app is based on the Kettell and Eysenck tests.

The application allows you to quickly find out the strengths and weaknesses of the user, to determine the temperament, to get a prediction of its development in the future. The results are presented in the form of colorful infographics. The test can be used before applying for a job, enrollment in college or when making important life decisions. You can share the results of the test on social media.


Pranayama breathing practices help to regulate the breath. The word itself comes from yoga and translates to “breath control.”

The creators of the Pranayama app claim that the 15-minute exercises will help you get rid of headaches, fall asleep easier, increase your vitality, as well as raise your mood.

The app shows exercises in the form of colorful animations. On the screen of the gadget, you can set the sound mode that best suits the user. It is also possible to take a special course of breathing practices from beginner to advanced level.

Sleep Better

The app allows you to fight insomnia in several ways. First, there is the ability to track sleep phases and use a “smart alarm clock” that will wake you up at the right time. Secondly, with Sleep well, the user will know how sleep is affected by physical activity, caffeine, late meals, phases of the moon and other aspects. You can also add notes about your dreams and analyze them later.

The app can work offline. You need to put the gadget next to the bed so that it is at hand, and enter into the system the periods of sleep and waking times. You can also record pleasant or scary dreams. The system will analyze the data and give statistics on the user’s sleep patterns.


As the developers explain, everyone feels sad at some point, but it is important to understand when the state of apathy and depression becomes so strong that it changes daily life beyond recognition, in which case we can talk about depression.

The appendix defines what depression is and what symptoms accompany it, what types of depression exist, what can cause this ailment, and what treatments are used in current practice. Moodtools is a guide with useful information about depression. There is also a separate section with links to useful resources.

One of the disadvantages of the app is that the information is presented only in text form and doesn’t use the multimedia capabilities of the smartphone. 

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