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how your fibromyalgia will affect you, according to a doctor’s opinion

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Maria Jose Campanario (42 years old) has become in her own right the great protagonist of the last month of the year after learning that she is expecting a baby with her husband, Jesulín de Ubrique (47). A new offspring that will be born next 2022 and that will become their third child in common -because they are already parents of Julia (18) and Jesus Alejandro (14) – and the fourth for the bullfighter, who is also the father of Andrea (23), as a result of his previous relationship with Belén Esteban (42).

A happy news that they have shared in the pages of HELLO! and that brings with it a lot of doubts due to the disease that Campanario suffers from: fibromyalgia. Faced with this situation, and to clarify what the next few months of the dentist will be like, THE SPANISH has spoken with him Dr. Jesús Sánchez Martos (68), known for his participation in the program Sálvame, who has revealed to this medium the recommendations that María José should take into account at this stage of her life. “The first recommendation, not for María José Campanario, but for any woman who is diagnosed with fibromyalgia, is to know that fibromyalgia does not have to limit the conception of a woman,” he begins by assuring. In addition, it highlights that “a woman who has fibromyalgia must plan her pregnancy, plan it”. Something that does not apply in the case of María José, as she has revealed to herself.

María José Campanario on November 1 in Madrid. Gtres

Due to her age -42 years- and the disease she suffers, she is within the group of risk pregnancies, so her doctors will have to watch her closely until I give birth. Campanario can count on the peace of mind that, according to Sánchez Martos, “the treatments that you are going to take for fibromyalgia do not have to affect your pregnancy at all, since doctors precisely know how to control the disease in the case of pregnancy.”

In addition to the consultations themselves, the woman from Jesulín de Ubrique must also be aware of the medical-sanitary measures, which the gynecologist will recommend with regard to physical exercise, “which should be done daily between 40 and 50 minutes , even if it is only walking; and as for food, you must stick to the Mediterranean diet, avoiding the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and fats. We are talking about a healthy life, which is what a woman must lead to get pregnant at 20, but even more so at 40 because we know that from 40 or 42 there may be a risk of premature birth, problems in the placenta …“, reveals the expert.

When asked if fibromyalgia increases the risk during pregnancy, the doctor from Save me is clear in assuring that it does not. “Uncontrolled fibromyalgia can cause disturbances during pregnancy. Together with age, which can cause alterations in the placenta or premature delivery, but as we know that, to avoid it, pregnancy is planned in advance. Fibromyalgia is not a 100% invalidating disease, it depends on the treatments you are receiving. ”

This will be the third child for the couple.

This will be the third child for the couple. Gtres

“Pregnancy is not a question of a date, it is a question of nine months that you will have to be checking yourself much more periodically and directly with the gynecologist. Also with your partner, because the issue of food, exercise, preparation for childbirth should be something of both, “says Dr. Sánchez Martos.

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