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iGaming Trends to watch out for in 2021

iGaming Trends to watch out for in 2021

With technological advancements and increasing use of the internet, the concept of iGaming has now become widely accepted world over. iGaming is essentially the use of an online platform to wager on results in a game and winning prizes, and comes with a huge array of online games like card games, table games, sports betting, bingo, slots and more.

Popular Offerings

Albeit land casinos have been the norm for games for a long while, in recent times, there’s been a rapid growth in the popularity of online gambling, more specifically online casino slots like JackpotCity online casino which come with an assortment of themes ranging from the magical Amazon forests to wild Africa, from Egyptian folklore to Greek Gods and from cartoons & animations to juicy fruit slots.

A number of slot manufacturers are renowned for creating online video slots that are based on stimulating themes like movies, books, historical events and celebrities. Gamers from all around the world can now access these slots on their smart devices and invest money in their choice of currency.

Latest Trends

As is true for any industry, iGaming users are always on the lookout for something new and exciting in the gaming domain. From a 24/7 customer support team to improved payment platforms, companies are always competing against each other, trying to create something new. Some of the best trends in 2020-2021 in the realm of iGaming include:

  • Mobile GamingMobile phones continue to be the primary gaming option, followed by tabs and gaming consoles and in the last decade or so, more than 2.2 billion users have accessed games on their smartphones. With most users replacing their phones every 1.5 years as opposed to replacing the gaming console every 5-6 years, there’s a huge market for mobile devices that are competitively more powerful like an Xbox 1 or PlayStation 4.
  • Crypto Currencies – Virtual or Digital money as they are popularly known, cryptocurrencies can be used from anywhere in the world, without the hassle of exchanging them in every country! Protected by robust encrypted algorithms, cryptocurrencies, hence cannot be forged or spent twice. Whether it is bitcoin, etherium, litecoin or any other crypto currency, these digital payment tools have made it easier for players as well as gaming platforms to engage in seamless transactions. Given the low transaction fee for this particular tool has made way for more iGaming operators to include it as a mode of payment for ease of gaming.
  • Cloud Gaming – Renowned as gaming in demand or as a service, cloud gaming has made it easier for games to run on remote servers which can then be transmitted directly to a player’s gaming screen, similar to a Netflix or an Amazon Prime service. Cloud Gaming is available on a number of platforms like digital media players, social media platforms, smartphones, tabs and desktops and as such have low hardware requisites.

iGaming Trends to watch out for in 2021

The new iGaming experience with Smartwatches

In recent times, players have been using their mobile phones and tabs to connect to online casinos, and now one can use a smartwatch. With an estimated global worth of $33 billion in 2021, the gambling industry expects to be included in the wearable trend. Now the players can look at a blend of interactive online gaming systems and technologies with the conventional appeal of the original live casino on the Smartwatch as well.

Accessibility despite Restrictions

Owing to the fact that cryptocurrencies brought privacy into the world of gambling, it has allowed gamers from any part of the world to access and play online at places, where originally there were restrictions and bans on gambling. Where land-based casinos are banned, there’s a significant increase in the use of online casinos because of the privacy protection of cryptocurrencies.

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