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Remarriage and Desires has a cliffhanger ending and we can assume there will definitely be a season 2, however, there is no official statement shared by the cast members or the creators so it’s a bit hard to say.

Another K-Drama earned a huge fanbase as it arrived on the screens, providing a boost to Korean Digital Industry. The first Season of the series streamed on 15 July 2022 on streaming giant Netflix.

Basically Series is a Satirical Drama based on a man named Nam-Sik, whose wife Hye-Seung soon learns was set up by Yoo-Hui. Amidst the course of the story comes a matchmaking company Rex, which serves the wealthiest high-class individuals.

This story is basically depicting the struggle between two strong, elite, and beautiful women. It has revenge, grudges, desires, and many more emotions that can fill your life with entertainment.

It is basically about the happening of remarriage of a man who has trust issues with a woman. Behind his distrust is the backstory of him as he was betrayed by some female characters in the past.

Scope of the Renewal of Remarriage and Desires Season 2

Remarriage and Desires Season 2

Season 1 ended at that point from which the plot of Season 2 could be picked up.

Hye-Seung whom we thought must be dead or kidnapped, is actually alive . There are a lot of fishy things going on by the end of Season 1.

Hye-Seung finds some personal happiness by walking her down the aisle when she marries Hyung-Ju. What a great finish it has!!

Season 1 has 8 episodes in totality winning millions of hearts. If Season 2 will happen it will also revolve around the elite and high-class society of Korea. The second season will probably show the narratives in the hands of women.

There is a lot of content left to make out to Season 2 , so keep the hopes high that yes Season 2 is definitely going to happen.

Expected Cast of Season 2:

Most of our much-loved characters will be returning if Season 2 is going to happen.

Let’s hope for the best and wish to see characters such as:

  • Kim Hee-Seon will be playing Seo Hye-Seung
  • Hyun Wook Lee will be playing Lee Hyung-Joo
  • Ji-Yeon Cha will be playing Choi Yoo-Sun
  • Park Hoon will be playing Cha Seok-Jin
  • Jeong Eu-Gene will be playing Jin Yoo-Hee

Expected Release Date of Season 2?

Remarriage and Desires Season 2

Sadly, unfortunately till now, we can’t even predict whether the season is going to be renewed or not? So it will be too early to anticipate its release date at this point of time. We all are just waiting for the official announcement regarding the coming of Season 2.

However, the amount of love and appreciation Season 1 received there are high hopes and possibilities of having a Season 2. Following the trend of renewal of K- Dramas like SQUID GAMES, ALL OF US ARE DEAD, and many more, we can be high on our hopes for this series as well.

Being very very optimistic about the series we can just guess that Season 2 will be released somewhere around Mid 2023. Well, that’s jyst a guess from another fan of the Series!!! Well thats’ Me Guys!!!!


AHHH I wish the ending was a bit more detailed, REALLY WANTED TO AT LEAST SEE THEIR WEDDING KISS/ HUG TT My heart was seriously going up and down seeing the thorns and troubles all of them had to face ESPECIALLY THE MAIN COUPLE WKWKKW I'm kinda glad I got to binge watch all 8 episodes worth 1 hour long! The casting was sooo perfect! Kim Hee Sun and Lee Hyun Wook had an amazing chemistry so far!!! Cant wait to see them both acting together again in the future! Lots of love to this drama from me <3333.                

Thanks for reading 🙂

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