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Is the iPhone 12 going to become the next biggest gaming gadget?

Is the iPhone 12 going to become the next biggest gaming device

Is the iPhone 12 going to become the next biggest gaming device

Earlier this month Apple unveiled its latest list of new iPhone devices, all of which promise access to 5G networks and include the company’s brand new A14 Bionic Chip. Chief Executive Tim Cook heralded the announcement of Apple’s latest devices as “an enormous leap” for games on iPhone.

This has led many to speculate that the latest iPhone will be the first smartphone device to really rock the gaming world and perhaps even tempt console and PC players to change device. In this article we look at the veracity of this claim and speculate what the release of the iPhone 12 will mean for the gaming industry.

Gaming is at a crossroads

Thirteen years ago, when Steve Jobs announced the very first iPhone to the world, mobile gaming wasn’t even considered as an industry in its own right. Now it represents over 60% of global gaming’s annual revenues, generating $49 billion in revenue and $16.9 billion in profit in 2019 alone.

Tech giants like Apple have played their part in this growth by developing devices capable of running top class games which have allowed games developers to be more creative and innovative. In terms of popular games, role playing titles that can be integrated with social media platforms have performed particularly well.

One gaming area that has benefitted enormously from the improved software of smartphone devices is the gambling sector. With many countries across the globe now legalising the use of online casinos, mobile casinos have seen a fluctuation of new players. The Western side of the world in particular is softening their attitudes to gambling with several states in the USA joining their neighbour Canada in legalising online gambling activities which has led to the demand of mobile casinos. Casino operators like 888 casino have taken advantage of the improved operating software on iOS devices to design their games such as 888 Blackjack to be fun and accessible for their players by creating industry leading apps.

This combined with the growth of other gaming titles has helped to take mobile gaming into the mainstream and become the primary revenue driver of the industry as a whole. Accounting for over half of gaming’s revenues isn’t enough though, Apple’s iPhone 12 has been created to convert console players into mobile players. Read on to see how the iPhone 12 has been designed to do just that.

All you need to know about the iPhone 12 in under 12 minutes.

The A14 Bionic Chip

One of the key takeaways from Apple’s launch event was the announcement of the A14 Bionic Chip which will replace its predecessor the A13. The new chip is said to be 50% faster than the A13 and according to Apple insiders puts their new device on par with the processing power of a laptop.

This processing power, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook will “enable console-quality experiences”. The A14 will also be much more efficient than the A13 chip thanks to a sizable reduction in transistor size that allows it to perform more robustly.

5G Gaming

The iPhone 12 will be the first 5G enabled Apple device and Tim Cook says means “an enormous leap forward” for mobile games. 5G opens up access to network and download speeds of 4Gbps and upload speeds of 200Mbps.

This will see a massive improvement in online multiplayer game modes which are by far the most popular game type on console and PC. These improved speeds will give developers the confidence to invest in expansive online multiplayer mobile games.

Riot Games’ upcoming League of Legends remake Wild Rift is one of the first games expected to harness the capability of 5G on the iPhone 12. If this is a commercial success, expect other big-name titles like Call of Duty to muscle in on the 5G action.


The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) of the iPhone 12 will represent a major step up from previous releases which is expected to make a huge difference to the gaming capability of the iPhone 12. Accelerated graphics rendering in combination with fast 5G connections should eradicate current mobile issues where graphics are often sacrificed for connection speeds; it should also help to decrease latency issues.

The Frames Per Second (FPS) rate of the iPhone 12 hasn’t been officially disclosed by Apple but industry leaks suggest that the device will offer 240FPS AT 1080p. To put that into context the PlayStation 4 currently offers a maximum of 60FPS.

If the leaks are to be believed, the iPhone 12 could well become the best gaming device anywhere on the market.

When is the iPhone 12 released?

The iPhone 12 is set to hit store shelves on October 23 and will cost $699 for a 5.4 inch mini or $1,099 for the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max. A high price to pay perhaps but for a phone with console level software it’s a bargain!

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