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Isaidub (2021): Your Movie Cravings Will Be Satisfied!


Spending a lot of time at home? Don’t know what to do with all of your spare time? There are only so many chores that you can complete in a day! So, you will be in die need of entertainment after a long day of working from home. What could be better than sitting on your couch and watching some of the latest movies?

Movies can fill up the time easily, and it is a fun activity that all family members can participate in. So whether you have a lot of children at home or have some older people at home and want to find a way to make the most out of your time with them, you can opt to watch a movie! There is no better entertainment than avidly watching some action-packed film and waiting for the suspense to unfold!

Where can you watch these incredible movies, you ask? Well, let us talk about Isaidub! A new but extremely popular website that most people prefer when it comes to satisfying their movie cravings!

What is Isaidub?


Isaidub is relatively new to the world’s online movie streaming websites. However, it has gained popularity quite quickly. It is the preferred site among many when they want to catch up with the latest English, Hindi or Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam movie.

Isaidub has gained popularity because it is one of the few streaming websites where you can watch regional movies. That’s right if you want to watch an entertaining Tamil, Telegu, or Malayalam movie. You no longer have to wait for it to air on TV. No, you can go to Isaidub and start watching it with the rest of your family!

Another primary reason why this website has gained popularity is that it offers you the latest movies! By the latest, we mean movies that may have not even been released in India yet! How is that possible? Well, usually, English or other foreign language films are released in the rest of the world a few days before it is released in India. Hence, Isaidub can get hold of this movie and release them on their website for streaming. Hence, when there is a highly anticipated movie that is about to be released, you can be assured that Isaidub will present you with good picture quality for that movie. Everyone wants to catch up on the latest movie and participate in real life as well as online conversations about the movie! So, when Isaidub offers you the opportunity to watch the latest movies for free, of course, you are going to snatch it up.

With these two major reasons, paired with the fact that Isaidub offers amazing picture quality, it is not too difficult to see why people are falling in love with this website!

What are the major features of this website?

Now that we know what a brilliant site Isaidub is let us take a closer look as to why this website is so popular among users. What are the features which help this website stand out from the rest?

  • Latest Movies: As mentioned earlier, this website offers you the opportunity to watch the latest movies, sometimes even before they have been released. Nowadays, we know that after a movie has released and people have watched it, it is almost impossible to skip any spoilers until you can watch the movie. In today’s fast-paced life, you may not have the opportunity to grab the tickets as soon as they have been released, or you might be too busy to watch the movie immediately. However, if you have been anticipating a movie for a while, you will want to avoid spoilers and have a wonderful experience when watching the movie, right? This is where Isaidub wins over the audience. They offer you the ability to watch the latest movies from the comfort of your own home whenever you want to! So, whether you want to watch it late at night or you want to watch it in the middle of the day, you can do so easily and for free! You do not have to make any effort when it comes to catching up with the latest movie, and this is the most striking feature of this website!
  • Regional Movies: several languages are spoken across India; so many that you will lose count of them! So, it only makes sense that several movies are released in some other language apart from Hindi and English, right? However, the audience for such a movie is fairly small; hence many websites do not see any reason to upload these movies on their website. However, the people who want to watch these movies can head on over to Isaidub, where they have hundreds of movie titles I regional languages. Isaidub understands the needs of the people and has made great efforts to ensure that no matter which type of movie you are looking for, you will find it all in one place! So, when you are in the mood for Tamil or Telegu or even Malayalam movies, you know just which website you need to visit.
  • Amazing Picture Quality: When you see that an online movie streaming website is showcasing the latest movie titles, you almost resort to watching low quality, a camera captured picture quality. But, with Isaidub, you will never be disappointed. On this website, you get excellent picture quality no matter which movie title you opt for. The picture quality of the movie is equivalent to if you were watching a Blu-Ray movie or using a DVD to watch the movie. So, when you are having a movie night with your family, you know where you need to head to get crystal clear picture quality! With amazing picture quality, you know that your movie nights are about to be a hit! You get the theatre experience at your own home! It does not matter if you are using your TV, a home theatre system, or even the smaller screen of your laptop! You will be happy to know that you will enjoy the same picture quality with every screen. So, prepare yourself for amazing movie nights!
  • Free Streaming: of course, the most enticing aspect of this website is that you get free movie streaming capabilities. No matter if you are watching an old favorite or you want to watch the latest movie which has just hit the theatres, you can get excellent picture quality all for free! You do not have to spend any money to be able to have a fun evening with your family or even your friends! This is the most attractive feature of the websites since it allows you to be able to watch the latest movies without any cost at all! Watching the latest movie is not possible even on the website where you pay for streaming. So many people see this is as a better option for movie streaming as they get the same quality of service and can enjoy fun nights without having to spend any money!
  • Download Movies: those who have poor internet connections or who like to watch a lot of movies on the go will be delighted to know that with Isaidub, you have the option to download movies! Yes, that is right. If you love a movie, you can download it and keep it with you forever and re-watch it as you want! This is especially helpful when you are going on a long journey where you will not have an internet connection and want some form of entertainment! Those who have a poor internet connection and are tired of watching a movie when it keeps on buffering every few seconds can download movies and enjoy it at one go! Downloading movies is a huge advantage that this website offers to its users. People love to watch and re-watch movies that they love, or want to re-watch some favorites with their friends and family. When they have the option to download movies, it means that they do not have to worry about internet connection when they want some quick entertainment, this is a major reason why people opt for this website!

These are a few of the features which help Isaidub stand out from the rest! Isaidub has managed to gain a large following by offering its users convenience of use and by listening to what users want from their experience with a movie streaming website!

Alternatives To Isaidub?

Accessing Isaidub is not possible for all, especially those who do not have a secure VPN connection. Still, for those users, we have curated a list of websites where they can enjoy entertaining movies legally! Movie nights do not have to end because you cannot access Isaidub. Although these websites do not offer the same features, they are a popular choice among most!

  1. Netflix: Not much needs to be said about this popular website, which lets users stream movies, Tv-Shows, Documentaries, and more! It is completely legal, and they are expanding their catalog every day! They also film TV shows and movies that are exclusive to their website. This means that users are only able to watch these entertaining content on Netflix and nowhere else! With this feature, it can attract many users since a lot of Netflix shows create a lot of buzzes and are an integral part of the pop-culture! With Netflix, you can watch TV shows on your laptop or your mobile, and it features several regional contents as well. It has also started to introduce Korean Drams which has become quite popular in the past few years.
  2. Eros New: This is a movie streaming website owned by Eros International, and you can watch all movie titles which are owned by Eros, whether you want to re-watch an old classic or a new film. You can find it all here. You will find some regional movies, although Hindi movies dominate the website. This is a great option for those who think of themselves as a Bollywood movie fanatic. Plan an entertaining night with your friends or family and watch some of the old classics on this streaming platform. On this streaming platform, you will find that the number of movie titles featured is increasing every day! The best part about this streaming platform is that you can also watch Pakistani TV shows on this website. This streaming platform features a lot of classic titles that are not available on other websites, and hence several people opt for a subscription to this platform.
  3. Amazon Prime Video: Amazon Prime Video is a strong contender of Netflix. It features the latest Hindi, English as well as Vernacular language films! It also features some exclusive content such as comedy shows, movies, TV series, documentaries, and more, which you cannot get on any other platform! The subscriptions for this streaming platform are also quite cheap, and hence, many people opt for this website. The best part about a subscription to this website is that you also get a lot of facilities by becoming a Prime Member for Amazon! Hence, you can get a lot out of your subscription, apart from watching movies.
  4. Sony Liv: Supported by Sony Pictures Network, users can enjoy a lot of content on this streaming platform. You can watch a limited number of titles for free, and if you opt for a subscription, you will get unlimited access to their library. They also allow you to stream content on your laptop or your mobile phone, which audiences love! You can enjoy the latest Hollywood as well as Bollywood content, watch Web Series, and more., the subscription fee is also quite cheap, which makes it a great option for many!
  5. Hooq: This streaming platform offers a subsidized rate for new users, and it claims to offer more than 10,000 movie titles on its platform. Apart from the popular and old classic Bollywood movies, it offers English movies as well as popular English TV shows. The best part about this streaming platform is that it allows you to stream on up to 5 different gadgets, and hence many people opt for this option as many members can use the subscription at once.
  6. MX Player: this streaming platform is supported by the Times group, and hence users can be assured that they will get quality service for their money. Most titles of this streaming platform revolve around regional movies and Hindi movies. However, you will find English movies on this website as well, and most users enjoy the content on this website quite a lot.
  7. Spuul: this is a streaming platform that is based in Singapore. Recently it has started to showcase a lot of Asian drams as well as some regional content and has, hence, managed to attract a larger audience to its user base. In this streaming platform, you can watch content for free as well. However, when you pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee, you get access to more content. It showcases a lot of classic Hindi TV shows and movies along with content from regional areas as well.
  8. Apple TV+: Apple excels in all that it does, and hence, Apple TV+ is presumed to be a great streaming platform. Although it has launched recently, it is already gaining a large audience since the subscription fee is quite low. Apple TV+ not only features popular TV shows and movies, but it has also claimed that it has started working on exclusive content so that users are never bored when they are using this streaming platform!
  9. HotStar/Disney Plus: in the past year, Walt Disney Company has acquired HotStar, and it has now relaunched as Disney Plus, where you can not only watch your old favorite shows that you would watch on the HotStar app, but you can also access Disney movies as well! It is all set to launch exclusive content as well as premieres of well-loved Disney movies! This app is set to be quite popular as it features content for both adults as well as kids, so you can have a fun movie night with your family!
  10. Hungama: on this streaming platform, you can not only enjoy movies and TV shows, but you can also enjoy music as well! With this streaming platform, you can not only watch TV shows and movies on a pay-per-view basis, or you can opt for a monthly subscription. Most of the content on this website centers around Hindi or Vernacular language. Hence it is quite popular for those who would love to catch up on their regional language shows and movies.
  11. Jio Cinema: this popular website can be considered to be a popular alternative to most streaming platforms in India. It offers services for Prime users and is owned by Jio Telecomm. This streaming platform showcases all of the popular TV shows and movies that you could want, and they are also currently working ion exclusive content for their users!

These are a few of the legal alternatives to Isaidub where you can get excellent service and enjoy entertaining movies TV shows and more!

Illegal Alternatives to Isaidub!

For many, it may not be possible to pay a high subscription fee for most of the streaming websites, and often, even when you pay for a streaming website, you may not be bel to watch the latest TV shows and movies when they come out. So many people want to opt for some illegal websites where they can get excellent picture quality as well as the latest movies that are not available on any other platform!

  1. Popcorn Time: This is a popular alternative to Netflix, which gets taken down but resurfaces every few months again. It is quite resilient, and users love this website as they can watch their favorite TV shows and movies all for free. This illegal website lets you stream content to your heart’s content, and the best part is that you can also watch Netflix exclusive content for free on his website. Thus, it is easy to see that this a popular alternative for those who would like to stream content for free.
  2. 123Movies: Whether you want to watch an old movie or a new one, you can be assured that you will find it on this website. Although for the newer titles, the picture quality may not be the best, but if you wait for a few months, you will surely get a streaming option where you can view excellent picture quality. This website curates link from different websites which host the move so that if one link is down, you can quickly switch to another one. The older movie titles generally have good picture quality, and it is a good way to spend your time if you do not want to spend any money. There are not a lot of ads, and with an adblocker, this problem can be easily solved!
  3. Themovie4u: Watch the latest movies or older titles without any issues on this website. Although downloading movies from this website can be tricky, you can enjoy movies in peace on this website. There are a few ads on this website as it is a completely free streaming site, but you will get good picture quality, especially for those movies which have already been released a few months ago. It can be challenging to find newer movie titles on this page unless there has been a lot of hype around that movie, but finding older titles is a breeze. It offers good picture quality and has a good selection for movies and tv shows.
  4. Fmovies: With newer movie titles, you will mostly get camera recordings of a theatre screen, so unless you are eagerly waiting for some movie, this is not the best option for you. With older movie titles, however, you can get the picture quality that you desire, this website hosts a number of links from other websites so you can switch between links if one of them is dead. You can watch movies, TV shows and more, and even watch content exclusive to other paid streaming sites. The domain name changes every few months as this site keeps being taken down, but the hosts are quick to inform about this change to their users, this website is quite user-friendly with no unnecessary frills.
  5. HDmovieswatch: Amazing picture quality and the freedom to download your favorite movies, what more could you want? With this website, you may not be able to get all of the Hindi or regional movies that you have your sights set on, but it offers a decent selection of English movies, and so, you can have a great time with your friends and family!
  6. Streamallthis: TV shows, movies and more, you can go here for all of your entertainment needs. With this website, you get excellent picture quality even for those movies which have been launched only a few months ago. Here you will find all of the popular movies and TV shows, so you know that you will never be too disappointed with what you find on this website.
  7. Watchmovies: Watch all of the movies and TV shows that you want. They update their website soon after an episode has been aired for any TV show, and you can even watch exclusive content from other streaming platforms as well. You get good picture quality, although it may vary depending on your internet connection. So those with a poor internet connection may want to wait for a while to let the movie buffer so that they can get better picture quality and avoid casting the picture onto larger screens.
  8. TorrentFreak: Although you do not have the option of streaming movies on this website, you can easily download any movie or TV show that you want from this website. This website is a great place to find working links to download movies, TV shows, and more. If your internet connection is not one of the best, then you may prefer downloading movies, and with this site, you can do so easily. Different links are curated in one place so that you can select whichever link that you want and download the content onto your computer or laptop.

These are some popular but illegal alternatives to Isaidub. Although you may not be able to find all that you need in one place, these websites are an excellent place to start. They are completely free and do not require you to login or signup for the website you can just type in the movie that you want to watch, and you are good to go!


Watching movies is a great way to spend time, especially when you have nothing else to do! There are so many movies and TV show out there for you to watch, but unfortunately, no one site can feature them all. So, you must look at different sites so that you can satisfy all of your cravings when it comes to your movie’s needs! With so many options that you can choose from, it is best to learn more about what each site can offer to you. While some offer great selections, others offer better picture quality. The choice depends on your needs!


Why Should I Opt For Isaidub?

Isaidub is a relatively new website, but it has gained a lot of popularity because it offers excellent service to its users and is a great website where you can watch the latest moves and even watch regional content.

What Is The Picture Quality Of This Website?

Isaidub offers crystal clear picture quality to its users. You can watch Blu-ray picture quality or DVDRip picture quality on this website. The quality also depends on your internet connection. If you do not have a stable internet connection, then the picture quality may deteriorate, or better picture quality, the movie might take a long time to buffer.

Can I Download Movies Form This Website?

Yes! From Isaidub, you can download a large variety of movies so that you can watch them time and time again! If you have a poor internet connection downloading and then watching a movie might be the best option for you.

What Are The Categories Of Movies That I Can Watch On This Site?

You can watch a large variety of movie titles on Isaidub. From Hindi and English movies to Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam movies, you can satisfy your craving for regional language movies on this website.

Is It Safe To Use Isaidub?

As with any other illegal website you must exercise caution when it comes to using Isaidub. Every country has strict laws against piracy, and every free streaming website showcases pirated movies and TV shows. Since these contents are the intellectual properties of others, sites which let users stream these contents for free are banned in many places, although you can use a VPN to access these websites you must be careful and ensure that your connection is secure. Illegal streaming is banned in most countries, and you must adhere to all of the piracy laws in your country. For this reason, a website is often taken down, and it as to use some proxy website domain so that users can access it again.

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