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Jared Leto once ‘fired for selling weed’ at movie theater

Jared Leto was living the high life in his teen years.

The 49-year-old Oscar winner was fired from his job at a movie theater after he was caught selling weed on the premises.

“I worked at a movie theater when I was a kid, and I got fired for selling weed out the back door,” Leto told Ellen DeGeneres during Tuesday’s episode of her talk show. “I love going to the movies.”

“I was an entrepreneur,” the “House of Gucci” star quipped.

He then joked that popcorn and weed “go well together.”

Despite weed’s newly legal status in New York and in many cities across the United States, marijuana usage was highly prohibited and illegal 40 years ago when Leto was a kid.

Elsewhere in the interview, Leto revealed his celebrity crushes during a round of DeGeneres’ “Burning Questions” game.

His infatuations included “I Dream of Jeannie” star Barbara Eden, “Wheel of Fortune” letter-turner Vanna White and … Christopher Walken. “That took a turn,” DeGeneres, 63, said.

Leto currently stars as Paolo Gucci in the Ridley Scott-directed high-fashion drama “House of Gucci,” playing the former design chief of the luxury brand.

The “Dallas Buyers Club” actor went through a hardcore transformation for the role, donning prosthetics and heavy makeup to resemble an aging Paolo.

However, critics aren’t happy with his kitschy Italian accent, saying it reminds them of the titular video game character in Super Mario Bros.

Jared Leto
The Oscar winner joked that selling weed as a teen made him an “entrepreneur.”
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One user tweeted, “Jared Leto’s ‘It’s-a me, Mario!’ approach to the Italian accent, which does the job — he’s supposed to be a buffoon — but still rubs me the wrong way (as someone who grew up in Northern Italy).”

“Look, I’ll just say it: Jared Leto’s Russian accent in House of Gucci was waaaaayyyyy off the mark,” another one stated.

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