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Jeannie Mai: Breastfeeding is ‘even more difficult than giving birth’

Jeannie Mai is getting real again, this time about breastfeeding, calling it more difficult than giving birth.

On Friday, the talk show host opened up on Instagram about the difficulties she’s encountering trying to produce enough milk for her daughter, Monaco.

“Been tackling this breastfeeding thing for two months,” she wrote alongside photos of herself using a breast pump. “Listening to a lactation nurse, reading advise online, and getting so much help from other moms (🙏) Hands down, it’s been the most difficult part of this entire mom journey. I already HEARD it was gonna be, but I never imagined this. For me, it’s was even more difficult than giving birth 😳.”

Mai, 43, went on to explain what a nurse advised her to do to maintain milk supply, but says that it hasn’t worked.

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai attends the Prabal Gurung NYFW Fashion Show at Robert F. Wagner Park on September 08, 2021 in New York City.
Mai wed rapper Jeezy tied the knot in 2021.

“Since then, every 3 hrs looked like this: Latch, supplement with formula since I could only give her an ounce, (IF that), go and pump to signal to body to make more milk, set alarm to take milk thistle pills, sunflower Lecithin pills, drink fenugreek tea, massage boobs, in one hour prepare boobs with a hot compress or towel, wake the baby up, repeat. And two months later, I STILL don’t make enough milk to feed my baby,” she wrote.

“The Real” host revealed that she had to stop herself from comparing herself to other mothers and found that she was letting it affect her emotional health.

“I had to catch myself because it actually got to my mental, and things started to feel dark. Comparing myself to other moms, frustrated from the ups and down of pumping an ounce one day, nothing the next..and this is ON TOP of all the anxiety this journey can bring. Not complaining, actually here to give moms out there, breastfeeding or not, all the flowers and praise for doing your best to care for your baby-formula or boob. I have more respect for moms than ever in my life. And I have to remember me included 🥴✨🥇Hugs to every mom out there❤️” she concluded.

Jeannie Mai.
Mai has written about her postpartum journey on Instagram.
Jared Siskin

This isn’t the first time the former stylist has been so transparent about her pregnancy and post-pregnancy journey.

In January, she admitted that she felt like her lower half was “about to fall off” after giving birth.

“While being a new mom is the most exhilarating moment I have ever experienced in my life — nothing prepared me for postpartum. NOTHING,” she captioned an Instagram post. “No book I’ve read, advice I’ve gotten, that could have compiled ALL the things I’d need just to sit, lay down, walk, or even hold our baby.”

Mai and rapper Jeezy — whose real name is Jay Wayne Jenkins — tied the knot in April 2021 following her divorce from first husband, Freddy Harteis, in 2017.

Previously, Mai had not wanted to have children but that changed when she wed Jeezy, 44. She immediately began IVF treatments on their wedding day so they could start a family together and they welcomed their daughter in January.

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