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Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario expect their third child together

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Jesulín de Ubrique (47 years old) and Maria Jose Campanario (42) have a very special reason to celebrate this upcoming Christmas with greater enthusiasm: the arrival of their new son in 2022. The bullfighter and the dentist are already parents of Julia (18) and Jesus Alejandro (14); and for his part, Jesulín already previously experienced paternity when his relationship with Belén Esteban (48) his firstborn was born, Andrea (22).

The surprising news has been confirmed by the protagonists themselves to the magazine ¡HOLA !: “We are expecting a baby. I have to admit that it was quite a surprise, but we are very happy, “they have declared to the pink header.

Cover of the magazine ‘HOLA!’, This Tuesday, December 7.

Along the same lines, Campanario details that has already completed three months of gestation and that is why they have wanted to take the step of making it public. He assures that it is “a blessing” that has come by surprise but that fills them with happiness. In addition, Juls’ mother – as her eldest daughter calls herself on social networks – confirms that the pregnancy is going perfectly and that they have already been able to see the baby in several ultrasounds during their medical visits.

The dentist also emphasizes that her happiness is even greater when she realizes that the future child will hit the world just a few days before they celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. And it is that the couple gave the ‘Yes, I want’ on July 27, 2002, so it is expected that the little one -or small- will be born in the middle of summer and with many reasons to celebrate, since as Campanario assures the quoted magazine: “Everything that has happened in our lives and we remain united”.

Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario are expecting their third child JALEOS

A few weeks before Christmas, this good news arrives to put a sweet touch on a very bitter moment in the lives of Jesulín, María José and their family. Well, the couple is very concerned about their daughter Julia and the lawsuit that she has filed for assault on her ex-boyfriend, Brayan Mejía. However, the bullfighter and his wife prefer not to think about the negative and focus on expanding the family. It is a wish that had often crossed their minds, but that due to the problems or events that were happening in their life they never believed they could come to fulfillment. But finally that day will come in six months.

Jesulín and María José will celebrate their 20 years of marriage next summer.

Jesulín and María José will celebrate their 20 years of marriage next summer. Gtres

Among the issues that also concern María José is your chronic illness, fibromyalgia, and how it will affect your pregnancy. She assures that at the moment she is progressing normally although “more tired than usual”, but with the desire to move on and form an even larger family.

His influencer daughter and her war with Mediaset

It was last April when Campanario and Jesulín’s eldest daughter came of age. The young woman, days before reaching the desired 18-year-old figure, had already shown on her social networks her media potential and her desire to become an influencer, so when the big day arrived, the media followed her. young man to get to know her better. His followers on Instagram grew nonstop and he already has an enviable number of 224,000 fans, thanks to whom he could do business with his publications.

In addition, at this time two boyfriends have also met him, both footballers. Brayan Mejía, with whom he broke up this summer and whom he has sued for assault after a night fight, and Álex Balboa, with whom he currently has a relationship.

But undoubtedly her greatest support in all this time has been her mother, María José Campanario, who has traveled several times to Madrid, where her daughter lives, to accompany her in its most delicate moments.

María José Campanario, a month ago in Madrid, with her daughter, Julia, and her boyfriend, Álex Balboa.

María José Campanario, a month ago in Madrid, with her daughter, Julia, and her boyfriend, Álex Balboa. Gtres

And precisely the dentist does not like that media like Telecinco talk about her daughter. Because María José made an important decision some time ago regarding the image that is projected of her in certain media and Mediaset programs and put in the hands of his lawyer everything concerning his honor and privacy. In 2019 he reaped his last judicial victory, to the detriment of Mediaset. This company had to compensate her with 168,000 euros for throwing erroneous information about her state of health.

As EL ESPAÑOL learned, at present, the litigation continues its course. The last trial against Mediaset was led by María José and her husband, Jesús, last Tuesday, October 26. It took place in Arcos de la Frontera and the lawsuit that has been filed is “for compensation for the damage caused to them as a result of what is said about them on television.” This has been pointed out on the other side of the line by González-Zapatero, his lawyer and specialist in article 18 of the Constitution, whose title refers to the Right to Family and Personal Privacy, Honor and Own Image. This lawsuit against Telecinco is joint for the Campanario Ubrique couple and both claim “200,000 euros each” to restore their honor. Total, 400,000 euros.

[Más información: María José Campanario y Jesulín, de nuevo en los juzgados: los 400.000 euros que piden a sus ‘enemigos’]

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