Kengan Ashura Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Netflix has been adding more original Japanese anime and live-action adaptations like Death Note and Cowboy Bebop over the past few years. Fans are excited to see new episodes of Netflix’s most popular shows, like Jojo’s odd pairings Adventure, Castlevania, Yasuke, or Kengan Ashura.

Kengan Ashura Season 2 will follow the story about Toki Taouma, also known as Ashura, a fighter who fights as a gladiator throughout the Kengan Annihilation Contest. Fans are looking forward to seeing it. Get ready for Season 2 of Kengan Ashura to drop on Netflix at these times.

Kengan Ashura Season 2 : Release Date

Netflix will have Season 2 of Kengan Ashua on September 21, 2023. Kengan Ashura takes place in Japan during the Edo period and is about a fighter named Toki Taouma who is invited by Nogi Hideki, the president and chief executive officer of Nogi Group, to participate as a gladiator as part of the Kengan Conquest Tournament after beating an earlier fighter at a street fight.

Toki has a hard time with recollections of his strange past throughout the story. His boss, Yamashita Kazuo, strives to discover the truth about Toki and why he turned into a gladiator in the first place. Many voice actors have worked on Kengan Ashura, such as Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who was Junya Enoki, Hayato, the Kaneko, Sumi Uchayama, Toshi Inada, Kenji Hirakawa, Daisuke Namikawa, Cho, and more.

Kengan Ashura Season 2 : Trailer

Netflix’s official sneak video for Kengan Ashura is a Season 2 that came out in July 2023. It takes us back to a world where the world’s most dangerous and vicious fighters kill everyone they see. It’s time for Ohma “Ashura” Tokita to fight some new people, but this time he has some new moves ready.

It’s time for Ohma to put everything he has learned about himself and his past to the final test of fighting and martial arts: he will be up against cruel fighters who will do anything to kill him. There will always be one guy left, and Yamashita, Ashura’s manager and friend, thinks that the money is on him. 

Like the first season, Season 2 of Kengan Ashura looks like it will be very intense and fast-paced, and is guaranteed to get your heart racing. Even though there is violence in this show, the action scenes are still very engaging, and it’s a great choice for people who love fighting sports or otherwise martial arts action.

Kengan Ashura Season 2 : Cast

Fans will be happy to hear that almost all of the team and cast will be back for the eagerly anticipated second season of Kengan Ashura. The production company that made the original season of “Kengan Ashura,” Larx Entertainment, is now in charge of the second season. 

They will make sure that the art and animation style stays the same, which stunned viewers in the first season. Seiji Kishi is coming back as director, and Makati Uezu along with Kazuaki Morita are coming back as writers and character artists.

Voice actors like Tatsuhisa Suzuki Automobiles, Chō, Jouji Nakata, Yumi Uchiyama, or Daisuke Namikawa will be back for the second season. Even though there isn’t an official cast list for the anime yet, we hope all of the characters and their voice artists will return. 

Here is a list of everyone who will be back in Season 2 of Kengan Ashura. Ohma Tokita (Tatsuhisa Suzuki), a fighter who works for Nogi Group and the main character, Cho plays Kazu Yamashita, who works for Ohma and is the president of Yamashita Trading Co. Hideki Nogi plays the CEO of Nogi Group, and Hayato Kaneko plays Lihito, the superhuman. Pro wrestler Cosmo Imai (Junya Enoki), The King of Stranglers Setsuna Kiryu (Daisuke Namikawa), and Ohma’s toughest opponent so far.

Kengan Ashura Season 2 : Storyline

Manager Kazuo Nakamura is in charge of Ohma Tokita, the main character of the anime Kengan Ashura. Ohma Tokita has to win a yearly martial arts contest put on by a number of Japan’s wealthiest business people. 

Ohma beats Raian, a killer from the Kure clan, to end Season 1 of Kengan Ashura. Ohma has made it to the third round of the tournament, and Kengan Ashura second season is likely to continue the game. We might be able to guess at which the third season begins since Kengan Ashura was founded on a comic series by Yabako Sandrovich and Daromeon.

Kengan Ashura the first season ends with Chapter 135 in the manga series. The manga series possesses a total of 236 chapters, meaning there’s nonetheless a lot to talk about. There is also a manga series called Kengan Omega that continues the story, so it’s possible that Netflix will add to it in future shows.

“Kengan matches” that happen in venues are what the anime bases its story on. Rich traders and business owners have paid fighters to take part in “Kengan matches” since the Edo period. The winner gets the big prize. Yamashita Kazuo sees the main character and Tokita “Ashura” Ohma fight in the street one day.

The show is mostly about different ways of fighting and has some great action scenes. It also shows how the fighters interact with their fighting teams. This season also shows what drives each fighter and their personal histories to show the ways they became the unique people they are today. It’s also clear from this season that the Kengan Associations have a big effect on society as a whole.

This makes it the perfect setting for the power battle and the problems that come from people wanting power. Part 1 of season 2 has great personalities, an exciting plot, and great action scenes that set the stage flawlessly for Part 2, and this will be epic and air next year.

Based on what Netflix Anime has said, the second section of season 2 will “conclude” the great fight (the Kengan Elimination Tournament). The first story is over, but fans about the show still have a lot to look forward to: Kengan Omega, a follow-up to Kengan Ashura, may also be made into a manga series soon, thanks to how popular the first one was. For those who don’t know, Kengan Omega started transmission in 2019 and is still going strong.

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