Kengan Ashura Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

There will be a lot of blood and fights in Kengan Ashura season 3, and we are ready for more pandemonium when it comes out. Things are pretty bloody in the business world, but at least the boardrooms in modern America aren’t as bloody as they were in Kengan Ashura.

The world of this very violent cartoon show is one where business leaders handle their differences by putting gladiators in a ring. The third season that Kengan Ashura comes out is right in front of our eyes because we can’t wait for more.

The idea of Kengan Ashura was so great that it became among the most popular anime shows out there very quickly. We met the skilled fighter Ohma Tokita in the new anime. The Nogi Group hired him to fight in the power source Kengan Destruction matches to CEO Nogi Hideki. We are now going back to Netflix for extra blood and gore, so here’s what we know.

Kengan Ashura Season 3: Release Date

So far, neither the studio nor the partners have said anything about renewing this anime show for a third season. This is why we don’t know when it might come out. Fans are eagerly waiting for updates because everyone wants to see more action scenes from the anime series that will blow your mind. Based on the most current seasons and research, we think the show will come out soon, or perhaps in 2023.

Kengan Ashura Season 3 : Trailer

There isn’t a video for Kengan Ashura season three yet, which is a shame. This isn’t a surprise since Netflix just announced that the show will be back for a second season. Also, the release date hasn’t been set yet. We can look forward to more news about Netflix Tudum 2023. Netflix holds an event called “Tudum” every year to announce renewals. The event includes star talks, first looks, videos, and other things.

Kengan Ashura Season 3 :Cast

The people who play parts in Season 3 of Kengan Ashura are very important to the story. Fans will also be happy to hear that a lot of the voice artists who played important parts in past seasons are coming back to play those roles again. Here are some of the voice artists who have been announced for Season 3:

  • Ohma Tokita, played by Tatsuhisa Suzuki, is hired for the Nogi Group as Ashura, a strong fighter, to take part in the Kengan fights.
  • Kazuo Yamashita, played by Cho, is a salaryman who becomes Ohm’s boss and friend, making the intense fights a little less fierce.
  • Jouji Nakata plays Hideki Nogi, who is the CEO at the Nogi Group or Ohma’s boss. Nogi’s goals and plans are going to influence the game.
  • Yumi Uchiyama has Kaede Akiyama, Nogi’s efficient secretary and helper, who helps a lot with the power play in the company.
  • As Rihito (The Superman), played by Hayato Kaneko, a fighter who sides with Ohma after losing shows how relationships change over the course of the series.
  • Daisuke Namikawa plays Setsuna Kiryu, also known as “The Beautiful Beast.” She is a fighter who has a strange obsession with Ohma, which makes her character more interesting psychologically.
  • In Jun Kibayashi (also referred to as Pro Wrestling), Tetsu Inada is a fighter who has a lot of respect for Ohma or his unwavering desire to fight. He promises exciting fights in the ring.

Kengan Ashura Season 3 : Storyline

It was a pretty bad ending for Hayami Katsumasa’s coup in Season 2, which made it seem like there was another reason regarding Ohma. Speaking of him as a worker we saw him get better after some pretty bad injuries in the end. 

He was getting ready to get back on track and win his subsequent three matches. But how can the bigger plot damage his efforts to show how good he is at fighting? After this, there’s enough space for two more parts, or even three, based on the way the writers decide to continue adapting the manga.

 It’s important to note that there is a follow-up series called Kenguran Omega, even if the show ends where the original story left off. Three years before Kengan Ashura, Koga fought Tokita on the street because he thought the skilled fighter had become rude to him. 

Obviously, Ohma easily got rid of Koga, but the two would become friends later on. Because of all of this, there are still many places to see in the world. In Kengan Ashura, the story is what makes the game what it is. The story takes place during a world where warriors working for big companies fight brutally for fame and money. 

Season 3 is still mostly about Ohma Tokita, a brave fighter who becomes a member of the Nogi Club in the Kengan Destruction Tournament. Raian was a smart killer from the Kure Tribe who had a grudge against Ohma. They fought in the previous season. 

Ohm’s skill with the advanced way was clear in how badly they fought. He gets stronger from it, but it’s bad for his health. Even though Ohma won, it was evident that the fight hurt him. Coming up in the next season, Ohma will likely face even tougher opponents and have to deal with the ways his body limits him. 

There will also be a look at the goals and pasts of other rivals, the ties between supporters, and the big-picture political and economic impacts of the game. Fans can look forward to a lot of action, drama, or tension in the third season, which takes place in the ultimate battle ring.

Because he thought Tokita was being mean to him, Koga really fought Tokita in the street three years before Kengan Ashura. Ohma clearly had no trouble killing Koga, even though they became close in the end. This is all meant to show that there remain many places to see in the world.

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