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Kings Of Jo’burg Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything Else You Need To Know

Kings Of Jo’burg Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything Else You Need To Know:

Kings of Jo’Burg is a further crime thriller show with a good plot and good direction that is meant to entertain people. This show has had 2 successful years, as well as fans have been anxious to find out if it will be back for a third.

If you want to know further about Kings of Jo’burg as well as its  season 3, you don’t have to worry because we have all the information you need.

Some people weren’t sure if Kings of Jo’burg will indeed come back for a second season. Kings of Joburg’s plot depends on Ferguson’s wife standing up for him, and, you assumed it, Connie Ferguson wrote Season 2’s script.

So starts the third part of the series. People who want to see Kings of Joburg’s third season have come here. Is Kings of Burg going to have a third season?

The second part of Kings of Joburg has been released; yes, you heard right, your wait is over, and guess what? Season 2 marks the return of the long-running epic drama.

Netflix users loved the South African series that was a big hit. The very first season of the show came out in 2020, but sadly, the only person who made it died in 2021. Shona Ferguson died from COVID 19, which was very sad.

His health was very bad, and he was another talented Hollywood star we had to say goodbye to.

When Will Kings Of Jo’burg Season 3 Come Out?

There are a lot of episodes in each season of Kings of Jo’burg. Since 2020, the show’s ratings have been steadily going up.

Even though the show has entered the evaluation stage, where its achievement is being looked at, the studio just released season 2 on January 27, 2023. So far, there is no set release or window for The Kings of Burg.

Other Information:

No. Of Seasons 2
No. of Episode 14 (season 1 – 2)
Status Season 3 not confirmed yet
Director Shona Ferguson
Writer Shona Ferguson
Producer Samad Davis, Wesleigh Kapotis, Lauren Nell
Music Joel Assaizky
Genre Crime, Thriller
Cast Llewellyn Cordier as Leon, Altowise Lawrence, Shona Fergusson
Country of Origin South Africa
Available Language English
First Episode Aired On 24 January 2022
Last Episode Aired On 24 January 2022
Next Season Release Date Not confirmed
Available On Amazon Prime Video

Kings of Jo’burg Season 3 Cast:

  • Shona Ferguson
  • Zolisa Xaluva
  • Tsholofelo Matshaba
  • Sello Sebotsane
  • Buhle Samuels
  • Thembi Seete
  • TK Sebothoma
  • Cindy Mahlangu
  • Lunathi Mampofu
  • Abdul Khoza
  • Connie Ferguson

Any TV show’s success or failure depends a lot on the actors who play the main roles. The people who make the show need to be careful when they choose the actors to play the parts.

Kings of Jo’burg, which stars Llewellyn Cordier as Leon, Altowise Lawrence as Gail Basia, Shona Fergusson as Simon “Vader” Masire, among others, has thought this through carefully.

The Plot Of Kings Of Jo’burg Third Season:

Simon wasn’t on the second season of the show, but Connie did her best to make sure that the best shot was taken for Kings of Joburg Season 2. This time, most of the story was about Mogomotsi “Mo” Masire. Fans of the show missed Simon a lot, but the storyline of Kings of Joburg Season 2 was fun to watch.

A big robbery is about to happen, and Mo needs to take charge! Tlotlo is ready to take charge of the master plan, but Mo needs to show his young son the right way to do things.

Mo’s main attention is still on Phumzi. He did his best to find out all he could about the pregnant woman. The reports were clean, yet it appears that Phumzi is still keeping something from him.

There were a lot of complicated turns in the story. Tlotlo was sure he could pull off the gold heist. But Mo got back on track at the finish of the day. He said that he was the new king.

Yes, you heard right: the robbery was stopped. In addition, we learned a lot about such a new special agent Victor Gaxa in the second book of the series.

He is looking into everything there is to know about the Masrie family. He wants to break them up. To find out what the future holds for the Masrie family, you have to watch all of Kings of Joburg Season 2.

Spoilers For Season 3 Of Kings Of Burg:

We think that the thriller-drama show might have a third season. Everyone is looking at Connie Ferguson. The heist was called off, but Tlotlo might come up with a new plan.

Even though his father is now king, the problem has not yet been solved. Mo has a lot of challenging times ahead of him! Also, we might find out more interesting things about Masire Mermaid.

Well, here, just about anything can happen. Stay in touch with us right here to find out more about Season 3 of Kings of Joburg.

Season 2 Of Kings Of Joburg In Brief:

Kings of Jo’burg Season 2 wasn’t as famous without Simon, but it’s completely obvious that Connie gave the role her all. In this episode, Mogomotsi “Mo” Masire had a big part.

Even though we missed Simon so much, Kings of Joburg Season 2 was great, as well as we loved it. Before a big theft can happen, Mo must take charge. Tlotlo is ready to be in charge of the whole plan, but his father, Mo, needs to show him the ropes first. Mo can’t help but think about how he feels about Phumzi.

Even though his inquiry of the pregnant woman didn’t turn up any red flags, it seems like Phumzi is hiding something. There were many turns in the story that made it more interesting.

No matter what, Tlotlo has been determined to rob the gold. Mo changed course at the last second, though. He told everyone at this time that he would be king. As you may already know, the heist has been called off.

Also, Victor Gaxa, a fresh agent, got a lot of attention as the sequel went on. He is learning everything he can about the Masries. He’s ready to take them apart piece by piece. To discover what happens to the Masrie family, users have to watch all of Kings of Jo’Burg Season 2.

Kings Of Johannesburg Trailer For The Third Season:

Since Kings of Jo’burg season 3 hasn’t been announced yet, it’s unlikely that a trailer will come out so soon. Before we can start guessing when the Kings of Joburg third season trailer will come out, the founders need to give us a date. Until then, you can watch the trailer for Season 2 of Kings of Joburg.

Everything You Have To Know About Season 3 Of Kings Of J’burg:

Has Netflix Dropped Season 3 Of Kings Of Burg?

As of right now, Netflix hasn’t said anything about Season 3 of Kings of Joburg.

Is I t Worth It To Watch Kings Of Burg?

Kings of Johannesburg is an enjoyable and intriguing crime show to watch because it has so much to offer. The only thing that kept this series on par was that it had a great thriller plot that really connected with the audience. There is nevertheless a small chance that the show will continue, but it doesn’t look good.

Where Can I Find Kings Of Burg To Watch?

Kings of Johannesburg is just a series that might do well in the future because it has a simple plot and is well done. The sad thing is that movies such as this do not receive sufficient attention because they aren’t on the best streaming sites. Kings of Johannesburg, on the other hand, is not like this. You can watch this show on Netflix.

Age Rating:

The age rating gives you an idea of who can watch the show. It says how old a person has to be to view a certain show. This rating is very important to make the content flow better.

“KINGS OF JO’BURG” is a TV show that has been rated TV-MA for its age group. We strongly suggest that people under 17 stay away from it because it has mature content.

Review Of Season 2 Of Kings Of Burg:

Season 2 was very important to the success of the show going forward. This season has given the show a lot more depth in terms of its story, direction, and path.

There were many turning points and twists that made the whole thing great and exciting. The show does a good job with all of its parts, and it also adds some new twists.


Inside the case of Kings of Jo’burg, this is not very good and needs a lot more work and attention. IMDb users have given Kings of Joburg 5.1 out of 10 stars so far.

How So Many Episodes Are Included In The Second Season Of Kings Of Joburg?

There are 8 episodes in Kings of Jo’Burg Season 2.


Kings of Burg is just a great crime thriller show with a good plot, but it wasn’t marketed well and wasn’t directed well. If more seasons are done seriously, the show still has a lot of potential.

The show has had two seasons so far, but there’s currently no news about season 3. We’ll let you know about any new information about the show as soon as the studio makes it public. So, don’t forget to check out our site.

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