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Lasso documents before the Comptroller of Ecuador that he is not linked to the companies that appear in the Pandora Papers

Posted: Nov 11, 2021 20:55 GMT

According to a statement from the Ministry of Communication, the president shows that he did not violate the law that prohibits candidates for public office in Ecuador from owning property or capital in tax havens.

The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, sent the certified documentation to the Comptroller General of the State (CGE) to prove his separation from the ‘offshore’ companies for which he was included in the Pandora Papers and also demonstrate that he did not breach the law when registering your presidential candidacy.

According to the Pandora Papers, Lasso would have had ties to the offshore companies Bretten Trust and Liberty US Trust, which were created in 2017 in South Dakota, USA, with Trident Trust as trustee.

“The head of state included certificates apostilled and translated by Trindent Trust Company, confirming that had no ownership or management relationship in the Panamanian bank Banisi and the American trusts Bretten Trust and Liberty Trust, created on December 7, 2017 “, says the General Secretariat of Communication of the Ecuadorian Government.

According to the institution, the documents show that the now president, when registering his presidential candidacy on September 23, 2020, did not breach article 4 of the Organic Law for the Application of Popular Consultation, also known as the Law of the Ethical Pact, which “prohibits candidates for popularly elected public office in Ecuador from being direct or indirect owners of goods or capital in tax havens.”

Rejection of a legislative report

Last Friday, the Commission on Constitutional Guarantees, Human Rights, Collective Rights and Interculturality of the Assembly of Ecuador approved a parliamentary inquiry report on the Pandora Papers, in which it is stated that Lasso had indeed breached the law at the time of registering his candidacy, as he was directly linked to tax havens.

Among other recommendations, a resolution was approved for the National Assembly to order the president to appear before Parliament to comply with the delivery of information and answer questions from legislators.

In the communication from the Ministry of Communication, the Ecuadorian Government reiterated its rejection of the report presented by this legislative commission, stating that it was issued “without foundation or evidence.”

In the documents sent to the Comptroller’s Office, to which Radio Pichincha had access, Lasso described the parliamentary report as a “mere discursive litter“and to be”prefabricated“.

The Pandora Papers also linked Lasso to the dissolved Bernini Foundation, Bretten Holdings, Da Vinci Foundation, Real Estate Foundation, Nora Group Investment Corp., Pietro Overseas SA, Positano Trade LLC and Tintoretto International Foundation.

On these, Lasso also presented apostilled and translated certificates that “prove that, before September 23, 2020, they were effectively dissolved.”

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