LG OLED TV proves to be the best for gaming

OLED TVs have always been known for giving the best gaming experience with its best screen options. They have always been equipped with low-input lags, high contrast ratios, lightning-fast response rates, and much more. Now, with the LG OLED TV rolling in, things have become more exciting. 

Reportedly, LG has come up with a firmware update, which will make the experience of PC gaming experience much better due to the presence of Nvidia’s G-Sync Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology.

Till now, the experience of the gamers was restricted to 4K TVs, but with the launch of LG OLED TV, users can get a better experience in bigger screens. 

Those who do not have the idea about the features of G-Sync and VRR, they help to eliminate flicker and tear on the gaming displays that are built using VRR. 

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According to the words of Sam Kim, LG is maintaining its position to be the first TV to provide Nvidia G-Sync Compatible support by ensuring superior gaming experience to its users. 

It also came to the surface that the firmware update will be first launched in the North American TVs and will then proceed to Asia, Africa, Middle-East and so on.

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