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Lidia Torrent reveals the ‘face b’ of Carlos Sobera’s great year: “He comes to work exhausted”

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In addition to being one of the most beloved and applauded faces on the small screen thanks to the First Dates program, Lidia torrent (28 years old) has become an assistant to Santa Claus this year. The young woman is one of the faces that have sponsored Amazon’s Másxmas Market event, in which visibility is given to small businesses and in which she has gotten good ideas for these upcoming Christmases.

After a year of hard work, the daughter of Elsa anka (55) is looking forward to starting one of the most anticipated times of the year, which he will share between his family and his boyfriend, the model and ex-footballer Jaime Astrain (33). About these plans, Christmas and its relationship with Carlos Sobera (61) has spoken with THE SPANISH, showing his closest side and that great maturity that he has shown to have since his television inception.

Lidia Torrent has been sincere with El Español. Twic

Amazon has chosen you to be one of its faces in this market, have you been able to get gift ideas for these holidays?

Yes, many, in fact, I have bought some super nice earrings. I have not only gotten gift ideas, but also gifts for myself, which is not bad from time to time. Many times we are lost and need help and it seems to me a very useful initiative.

Has this year been a good one to receive many gifts?

I have tried, I think so. Although if you bring me coal, I accept it and assume it. But I sure do deserve a little gift.

This is a very special and perfect time to be with loved ones, what are your plans?

I will go home to Barcelona to celebrate the 24th, 25th and 26th, because San Esteban is celebrated there. And then yes, I would like to take a trip outside of Spain by the end of the year, but I have not closed it, if it is a destination where it is hot better. These weeks I have had a lot of work and I have not been able to look at anything, but that is the intention.

How do you do with your boyfriend, Jaime Astrain? Do they divide the days or do they enjoy all the parties together?

The truth is that each of us wants to fulfill the family moment in their lair. For both, the end of the year, as for many people, it is something not so familiar so we will take advantage of it there.

You have said before that you have had a busy few weeks, what have you been focused on?

In addition to First Dates, I am fortunate to be able to present events, to do advertising campaigns … And I continue to prepare myself in the world of communication. I am sowing. It is time to sow and see if this next year we will reap what was sown, and if not, then it will flourish. I hope and wish.

Lidia Torrent during the Amazon event.

Lidia Torrent during the Amazon event. Twic

But with the intention of continuing in Cuatro?

I’m still in Cuatro and I hope soon to be able to talk about other formats and programs, I want to change. I have nothing praised, but I feel like it even though I’m in glory at First Dates. Let’s see if other things come out.

What is it like to work on such a popular show?

Internally, working with Carlos Sobera, who is a genius, not only in terms of communication, but also on a personal level, he is a wonderful, fun, easy-going person, I learn a lot from him because he seems to me to be a true master of television, but there are a team that makes that effort so that these people leave very excited.

He speaks highly of Carlos, how is he as a partner?

As a companion it is a delight. He is generous, funny, he makes everything so easy … For me, it really is a gift to have been able to work with him.

This seems to be his year, he has been in many programs and now he is going to present the Chimes.

He comes to work exhausted. And I say to him, ‘Sobera, have another coffee that comes here …’. But how can he not be tired! But he deserves it and I am very excited that he may have the chimes because in the end it is the prize for a whole year of work and being there and being a first sword. I am very happy and of course I will see you.

Would you like to have been by your side at Puerta del Sol?

I would love to be with him, although I struck the bell for a year, Carlos Sobera and Lara Álvarez were there and Matias Roure (38) and me too, we were able to be with them as co-presenters. But hopefully for the work of a whole year, and for being in formats that work and doing a good job, hopefully that day that is so special can be rewarded.

What is it like to work with an ex?

Well. We get along well, we are adults, we have a cordial relationship. We didn’t end up bad at all, so we don’t have a bad relationship. So cordiality and coworkers. It is not uncomfortable at all, it is a reality. I always wish him the best because he is a wonderful person.

In the times you’ve been single, have you ever wanted to participate in First Dates?

I find it very brave to have a blind date. But whenever I’ve been to First Dates I’ve had a partner, so I’ve never really contemplated it.

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