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Love Island USA Season 4, a popular American-based dating reality show is gradually catching the heat through those over-the-top activities, which are making their appearance willingly or unwillingly by the contestants and makers. Therefore, a few are saying that season 4 is going above and beyond to bring in drama for the streamers. Recently, another twist occurred while leaving the sword on the neck of the contestant Chazz will he send Serenity home or not? As soon as the admirers are getting familiarized with the twist their immense reason commenced hitting the bricks.

Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 17

Recently, the viewers became the witness to the unexpected eviction of Bria and Andy which left almost all Islanders in a deep shock, as the two were considered as strongest contestants on the show. But unfortunately, they had to leave the show in such a manner, no one had even assumed that soon they will hit by another twist which is totally unpredicted. Even, three new bombshells also created buzz inside the villa while leaving everyone nervous because their entry brought the heat to the show. Even, though they know everything about the Islanders their loopholes and weak point as they came after fetching everything about them.

Later, the newcomers got the chance to select Islanders to cook for their respective dates, and therefore Katherine Rose alias Kat picked Isaiah to make dinner for her and meanwhile, asks Chazz to make dessert as she loves to have something sweet after having the food. Both nod to her orders and start doing the things so that, they could get engraved on their tasks because it is part of the show’s format and they will have to follow without any excuse or argument. Then, both come into the form and date respectively Sydney and Sereniti, which was the attractive part of the episode.

Apart from all these, initially, Sereniti feels nervous and got jealous too especially when she spoke out for cheers while making the interruption in Kat and Chazz’s date which was the worst to watch according to the admirers of the show. But now, the entire attention has been grabbed by the coming episode, as the fans are worried about Sereniti and Chazz might select Kat over her in the recoupling rounds. Therefore, the step could be proven a bit unbeneficial for her as well, so do not miss watching the show at the correct time for more details stay tuned with us to know more.

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