Lupin Season 1 Part 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know

Lupin Season 1 Part 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Lupin has won the hearts of people all over the world who watch Netflix. The French series starring Omar Sy as well as written by George Kay has been a big hit with fans since its first two parts came out in January and June of 2021. Lupin is going back to work, which is good news.

Part 3 of Season 1 of Lupin asks, “Is it coming or not?” Lupin ranks as one of the most popular French mystery-thriller streaming TV shows, and it has become a popular show among fans in recent months. George Kay and Francois Uzan were the ones who came up with it.

In its first month, more than 70 million homes watched the show, making it the most-watched non-English show on Netflix. Isabelle Degeorges, Nathan Franck, as well as Martin Jaubert are in charge of making the show. The show is made by Gaumont Television, which is a production business.

Lupin has a lot of skilled and well-known people from the entertainment business, such as Omar Sy, Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme, Vincent Londez, Soufiane Guerrab, Shirine Boutella, as well as many more.

There were three parts to the initial installment of Lupin. There were five shows in each part of the first season. As of right now, there are ten shows in Lupin’s first season. Part one came out on January 8, 2021, as well as part two came out on June 11, 2021.

Arsène Lupin, a fictional gentleman thief as well as master of disguises made up by Maurice Leblanc within the early 1900s, is the model for Lupin. The show is about a thief named Assane Diop. He is the only child of a Senegalese immigrant who moves to France with his family.

But in France, Assane’s father is blamed by his rich and powerful boss, Hubert Pellegrini, for stealing an expensive diamond necklace. Because of this, his father hangs himself in jail, leaving Assane without a parent.

Assane reads a book about a gentleman thief named Arsène Lupin that his father gave to him. Twenty-five years later, Assane goes out to get payback on the Pellegrin loved ones by revealing Hubert’s crimes. He does this with the information he gained from the book and his skill as a thief.

When Will Lupin Season 1, Part 3 Be Out?

The first season of Lupin has been split into two parts, which came out on January 8 as well as June 11, 2021, respectively. There were a total of five shows in both parts.

In just a few days, Lupin Season 1 became among the most watched shows. At the moment, Season 1 of Lupin has a 98% grade on Rotten Tomatoes. Because of this, Netflix chose to bring back an additional segment of the initial season, which is going to be shown soon.

But the people who made it haven’t said when the third part will come out. Lupin Season 1, Part 3 is also expected to include the same amount of shows as the first two seasons.

Lupin Season 1 Part 3 Cast:

In Part 3, Omar Sy will be back as Diop, but who else might we see again? Variety says that Ludivine Sagnier as well as Clotilde Hesme will be back for the forthcoming season, along with “others,” but they don’t know who they are yet. Sy did promise, though, that Diop’s best dog, J’accuse, will also be back.

Lupin’s story In Part 3 Of  Season 1:

The 2nd part of Lupin finished with a scene between the main character and Pellegrini and the Assane family. But this isn’t the final chapter of the story. There are still many fights to fight.

Omay Sy told Entertainment Weekly that the future shows would have a lot of stuff that viewers might not have expected.

Sy said that everything would rest on what happened to Pellegrini and what he and everyone else had to face next. Since this isn’t the end of the story and he has almost finished his job, there are still a few questions to be asked towards the conclusion of Episode 10.

Several things have made people more interested. In another interview, George Kay suggested that Lupin and Sherlock Holmes might meet, which will definitely add some new excitement to the show.

In an interview with Radio Times, Kay said that Holmes was in the Arsene Lupin stories by Maurice Leblanc. Still, in the rest of the books, it was altered to Herlock Sholmes, as well as Arthur Conan Doyle was never permitted to employ the name again.

He said a few things about the idea of Herlock Sholmes going into Lupin’s world. The audience is just as excited to see the fight, which could bring in new characters as well as a whole new, exciting plot.

Lupin Season 1 Part 3 Trailer Release:

During its TUDUM preview event on September 24, 2022, Netflix showed the official trailer for Lupin Part 3 for the first time. In the clip, Assane talks about how he got revenge for his father as well as wanted to remain in the shadows to protect his family, but he had to come back to the light.

Now is the time for him to leave. And it looks like he did, since he is on all the front pages and everybody is talking about him, but no one can find him.

But if his picture is all over town and everyone is looking for him, it might be harder for him to get away. The clip shows us that Lupin Part 3 will be full of action and mystery.

Where can I See Lupin?

You can watch the first two installments of Lupin and the new shows on Netflix. So, if you are interested in catching up on the crime series or watch it again, you will have to sign up for Netflix.


You can watch Lupin Parts 1 and 2 on Netflix while watching the show’s earlier episodes to get ready for the new ones. The story of someone who wants to get even was almost as old as time itself. Things rarely go as planned for the person who wants to get even, but it does make for interesting TV.

Because of this, hit series such as Lupin are breaking Netflix’s records for how many times they are watched. Do you look forward to the new season? Tell us what you think and what you think below.

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