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NFL is now betting big on once-taboo gambling industry

Many people might not understand that the NFL that they are now betting on was once a taboo in the online gambling industry like the Bob casino in Canada. In the past, the NFL didn’t want to cooperate with the gambling industry, with the fear it would affect their overall games. After the NFL canceled Tony Romo’s fantasy football convention at a Nevada casino based on their strict rule of desisting from sports betting.

However, things turned around in the NFL during the pandemic after the leagues voted for gambling sponsorships. After the votes of the leagues were approved, the Denver Broncos made a remarkable breakthrough in bringing forward a new law for the NFL that accepts gambling sponsorship. It went popular and viral when the Denver Broncos signed the first sponsorship deal with 3 gambling industries known as the FanDuel Group, BetMGM, and the popular Betfred USA sports.

How with this breakthrough, there are still some rules, which fans must abide by, such as Fans are not allowed to place a wager at the stadium betting outlet when the action is actively going on. But they are allowed to utilize the customized betting application, which allows them to bet on the NFL matches with the stadium signage being active on broadcasts. The NFL sports industry has gotten more popular than ever with lots of opportunities for fans and bettors. 

According to Mac Freeman, the Broncos chief commercial officer, these businesses have different aspects such as sports betting, daily fantasy, and casinos.

NFL Gambling Sponsors

After the breakthrough was made by the Denver Broncos in securing 3 sponsorship signed deals with the gambling industry, other leagues are now following in their footsteps. The Dallas Cowboys have made a deal of sponsorship by linking with the popular Winstar Casino in Oklahoma, which is amazing because what was once a taboo in the gambling industry is now possible.

That’s not all because the classic sponsorship structure of the NFL is rapidly growing. And there’s no doubt that in the future it will be an amazing opportunity for NFL leagues. Even the New York Jets have made an approach in sealing a deal with the MGM and 888 casinos, which is a remarkable breakthrough.

Nowadays, the NFL has secured a lot of sponsorship deals with gambling entities. And almost all the leagues are trying to get along with the gambling industry. Even the Las Vegas Raiders accomplished the signing of a deal with Caesars, who’s a partner of Las Vegas stadium. The pandemic limiting fans from entering the stadiums has affected sports activities greatly. And these sponsorship deals achieved by the NFL leagues will definitely play a huge role in generating revenues for both parties.

For the NFL league, 2020, wasn’t beneficial in generating revenues due to the pandemic. According to our lead man Kevin Cochran here, there is a lot of promising opportunity for the NFL league as they continue to strike amazing deals with top gambling industries. After the approval granted by the NFL sports betting committee franchises, by legalizing the betting of this amazing sports entertainment in the states.

However, the local betting shops and kiosks lack access to betting in the NFL. The NFL has continued to boost online betting with mobile betting options through designated gambling apps provided by the approved agencies. Although, fans can still access betting lounges to play wager on their favorite outcome. Branding of gambling areas can only be done away from NFL venues.


The NFL has made a remarkable breakthrough in deviating from regarding gambling as a taboo, to signing several sponsorship deals with the gambling industry.