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Nicki Minaj reveals she is sober and ‘loving life’

No more “Pills N Potions.”

Nicki Minaj revealed she is sober and happier than ever.

“I used to b [sic] happy when I was high. Now I’m happy when I’m sober,” the “Barbie Tingz” rapper tweeted Thursday, adding, “No judgement [sic] to anyone.”

Minaj, 39, also shared what seemed to be advice for her fans who may be struggling with substance abuse and addiction.

“Be gentle with yourself. 🎀,” she wrote.

The Grammy nominee’s announcement came after she posted a chaotic video of herself frying chicken, which led some of her followers to suspect she had the munchies.

“baby are you high? @NICKIMINAJ,” one fan asked, to which Minaj sweetly responded, “No I’m sober & loving life. You?”

Several of the “Starships” singer’s superfans, dubbed “The Barbz,” praised her for taking a big step for her health and sharing it with the world.

“Just enjoying life and your family queen, AS YOU SHOULD,” one fan tweeted.

“I love you queen as a person that smoke weed a lot i get where u coming from so sending hugs & kisses ya way cause ifykyk [if you know you know] it’s hard to be happy without a blunt,” a second person wrote.

“respectttt for this realness sis 👏🏼💕 your authenticity and honesty in your journey is so inspiring,” a third person added.

Nicki Minaj posing in a black tank top and shorts.
The rapper recently hinted at her sobriety in her song “We Go Up.”

Minaj recently alluded to her sobriety in her song “We Go Up,” which she dropped last month. She raps, “I know they sleeping on me / Bitches got epilepsy / I don’t do coke, little bitch / I don’t even do Pepsi.”

The recent lyrics are a far cry from the ones she rapped in her 2010 hit “Bottoms Up,” which included references to various alcoholic beverages: “Can I get that ‘trón? Can I get that Remy? / Can I get that Coke? Can I get that Henny? / Can I get that margarita on the rock-rock-rocks? / Can I get that salt all around that rim, rim- rim-rim?”

Minaj was also known for being open about smoking marijuana, even tweeting in 2017 about a particularly strong strain she encountered.

“This weed had the clouds turning into actual ppl & they were doing things. They were moving around & had a life of their own. like humans 😟,” she wrote at the time.

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty holding their son on a couch.
Minaj and husband Kenneth Petty welcomed their son in September 2020.

And in 2009, she joked that smoking weed was out of style, writing sarcastically, “whoa! do ppl still smoke weed??? sooooo 10 years ago! AS IF!!!!!! soooooo NOT FETCH! well, not for my barbies anyway…;).”

Cleary, she has changed her tune on the matter.

Minaj is married to Kenneth Petty, with whom she shares a son, born in September 2020.

Her rep did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

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