Noel Pearson Dead or Alive? Death Hoax of Australian Lawyer True Or Fake?

Noel Pearson is a popular Australian Lawyer, scholar, and land rights, activist. Noel Pearson is the founder of the Cape York Institute for policy and leadership. Lately, Noel Pearson has been making a lot of buzz on social media and the internet. You all must be wondering why? So lately news has been floating all over social media and the internet and it has created a massive stir on social media and the internet. Although the viral news about Noel is bad, the viral news states that the popular Scholar and activist has passed away.

Noel Pearson

Yes, you all heard right the viral news on social media and the internet states that Noel has passed away. This story is massively viral on social media and the internet. Netizens got sad after they got to know about this unfortunate news. According to some reports, many netizens came out and paid their hearty tributes and condolences to Noel Pearson. But we would like to clarify to all the viewers and readers that this viral news is not real. This news is completely fake and false.

The news about Noel Pearson’s unfortunate demise is fake and just a hoax spread by any netizen on social media. Although, this news created a fuss on social media as many people thought it was true and while some thought it was fake. This fake news created a lot of chaos on social media lately. That’s the reason why we always say that all the things shown on social media are not true. Always check out news from reliable and authentic media platforms. This demise news was just a FlimFlam by any netizen. Although Noel Pearson and his team and family haven’t reacted to this Hoax. We are all waiting for their reaction and take on this fake hoax about his death.

Noel was born in Cooktown, Queensland in the Capeyork peninsula Australia. He did his college in Brisbane. He completed his graduation from the University of Sydney. In the year 2012, Noel Pearson stated that he is suffering from Lymphatic Cancer. Currently, Noel Pearson is healthy and fine and is 56 years old. He is known for noble and good work for the people. He and his organization Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership have always been known for promoting the economic and social development of Cape York. For all the latest national and international updates, news, and information stay tuned with us.

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