Outer Banks Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

When will season three of Outer Banks come out? If you’ve already watched all 10 episodes (which you probably have, since you’re here), you probably want to know when there will be more. Without having to wait months for news in a season four extension, Outer Banks was recently given the go-ahead for another season.

In fact, the series was picked up before the third season even came out. Of course, people who love the Outer Banks already know this because the band told everyone at Poguelandia, an Outer Banks music festival in Huntington Beach in California

Outer Banks Season 4 : Release Date

There isn’t a set date yet for when Season 4 of Outer Banks will be available. People in the fan community have been using the internet to try to figure out when the show might be coming back. Many fans are hoping that Season four will end up being released around the same time as Seasons 2 and 3. This is because the first episode of each season came out so quickly after shooting ended. 

It is expected that shooting for Season 4 will end on December 15, 2023. This means that the show will probably come out early in 2024, maybe in the spring. But it’s not clear how, if at all, the Writers Guild of the United States (WGA) strike affected Outer Banks. 

The strike could have caused the show’s release date to be pushed back, making it one of the shows that was impacted by the strike. Fans are naturally very interested in finding out when precisely the next instalment will start. There are a lot of questions in the comments section of star Maddy Bailey’s Instagram post announcing Season 4.

Outer Banks Season 4 : Trailer

There isn’t an entire movie trailer to Season 4 yet because filming isn’t even halfway done, but in June, a teaser trailer for the next season came out, which you can watch above. The peek shows fans their beloved Pogues back together on screen.

The short 40-minute clip is almost like an ad for the new show’s group reveal. There was more excitement than ever before for the next time of year because numerous of the fans’ favourite characters were back.

Outer Banks Season 4 : Cast

It was revealed in the TUDUM sneak video for Outer Banks that each of the six of the show’s “Pogues” will be back for season 4. Each main character is shown in a fun order in the trailer: Sarah (Madelyn Cline), then Cleopatra (Carlacia He), Pope (Jonathan has Daviss), Kyra (Madison Bailey), JJ (He Pankow), or John B (Chase Stokes).

Rafe (Drew Zahn), his newly acquired partner Sophia (Fiona the Palomo), drug dealer Berry (Nicholas Cirillo), or Sarah’s ex-boyfriend Topper Horner (Austin North) are also likely to return. After the season 3 ending, Charles Halford (Big John) and Charles Esten (Ward Cameron) are not likely to come back.

Outer Banks Season 4 : Storyline

In Outer Banks season 4, the Pogues will go on a new quest with a mystery stranger, a 200-year-old book, and the famous pirate Blackbeard. So, you can be sure that there will be a lot of crazy stuff. And yes, the search for the elusive El Dorado is over.

Also, the problem of John the letters B father has been closed (rest in peace, Big John). But this isn’t the end of the journey. Even though Sarah or John B seemed very happy to have their beach shop 18 months until they found El Dorado in the last few minutes of the end, something is definitely going to happen soon.

When a stranger shows up with a copy of Blackbeard the pirate’s captain’s log, it sounds like more action is coming. As hinted at within the season 3 ending, the show jumps ahead in time a lot. The Pogues are praised for finding El Dorado and given the chance to embark on a new journey, supposedly in search of Blackbeard’s lost wealth.

That the new prize hunt makes her feel like the show has a “clean slate” for Bailey. “[Fans] ought to take it differently than the end of a specific era, but as someone essentially summing up months one and two via the button,” she joked.

She declared of the new season, “It can be taken really anywhere.” “I think there’s a bit more of a clean beginning.” She wants the Pogues to have a “robust win” in the coming season. “With an [season 3] finale, we’ve had a little treasure hunt relaxation and it’s kind of just assisting John B along with helping Pope’s your relatives, and this seems somewhat like a job chance,” she said.

“I hope they ought to embrace this fresh obstacle with more knowledge, or and I am eager to see where relationships will go and how they have matured into these 18 a few months.” Josh also gave hints that the next season will have a lot of memories to fill up any blanks after the 18-a month time jump.

He told Tudum, “We felt we needed to move them out of school.” “We think of the first three seasons as a trilogy. Now we’re beginning a different kind of trilogy.” We only had to clear the balconies. There will be new bad guys, a new prize hunt, or a new life predicament.

This has caused a lot of talk as to what Season 4 might be about, as fans try to get some answers. We do know that Wes has asked the Pogues to help himself find another prize. This will likely be the main plot point for most of Season 4, since some important plot points were left unanswered, like how Rafe might be affected by Ward’s death. This show has done a great job with showing how the characters interact with each other over the first three seasons, so Season 4 should be more of the same.

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