Painkiller Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

You will soon be able to watch the new limited series Painkiller on Netflix. It was directed by Peter Berg and directed via Eric Newman, Pete Berg, along with Alex Gibney. It will be available on Netflix right away.

Netflix has already put out a sneak video for the Painkiller sequence through its official YouTube account. From the stars to the story to the video and introduction, this piece has everything that you desire to know about when Painkiller will be available on Netflix.

The new thriller that will keep you hooked is coming soon to Netflix. Eric Newman (Narcos) while Peter Berg (that is, Friday Night Lights) are in charge of producing it. We know when Painkiller will come out, what it will be about, who will be in it, a video, and a lot more. So get ready to binge-watch the new limited series.

Painkiller : Release Date 

The show was based on a story via Patrick Radden Keefe in The New Yorker and was about the start of a drug disaster, with Purdue Pharma, the company that makes OxyContin, getting more attention. 

Filming began in April 2021 in Toronto and ended in November 2021. But the date of release hasn’t been set in stone yet. However, they have said that the show will come out in 2022 and have six episodes.

The show’s first two episodes were written by Micah Fitzerman-Blue along with Noah Harpster. The third episode was written by Fitzerman-Blue, Harpster, and Will Hettinger. The second and fourth episodes were written by Fitzerman-Blue, Harpster, and Boo Killebrew. The sixth and final episode was also written by Fitzerman-Blue along with Harpster.

Painkiller: Trailer

There isn’t a trailer for Painkiller yet because the creators of the current six-episode series haven’t said when it will come out. But they did say that the show would start in 2022, so you can be sure that the trailer is going to be out soon. You may additionally view it on YouTube.

Painkiller : Cast

Some big names in the acting world are in the cast of Painkiller. Matthew Broderick, who was in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, plays Richard Sackler, who is the head of the wealthy Sackler family and the president while board chair of Purdue Pharma.

Uzo Aduba, who stars in Orange Are we the New Black, is going to portray Edie Flowers, a good lawyer during the United States attorney’s office and she is looking into the new Purdue drug OxyContin. 

Along with Netflix Tudum, Peters Berg said that Edie would be “our guide to unpack the complexities that occurred when Purdue did along with how the opioid crisis started to spread.” Berg also said this about Broderick’s view of Sackler:

West Duchovny (also known as the Magicians) acts as Shannon Shaeffer, a new hire on the Purdue marketing staff who used to play sports in college. Taylor Kitsch (that is, Friday Night Lights) plays Glen Kryger, a family man or mechanic whose daily existence is turned upside down when he suffers a devastating back injury.

Kitsch is also going to work with Peter Berg or Netflix on another limited series called American Primeval. Lana Bartczak (Moonfall) will take on Lily Kryger, Glen’s wife. Dina Shihabi, who plays Jack Ryan in Tom Clancy, will play Britt Hufford, an established salesperson who is Shannon’s boss. 

Tyler Ritter (also known as the McCarthys) plays the United States Attorney John Brownlee, who is Edie Flowers’ new boss. John Rothman ( A single Mississippi) stars Mortimer Sackler, who owns Purdue Pharma with Richard Sackler and is Richard’s uncle.

Painkiller : Storyline

The new Netflix show Painkiller looks at how the opioid crisis started in the United States. It focuses on the questionable actions of Purdue Pharma, the business that made OxyContin, and especially Richard Sackler (played by Matthew Broderick), the former president along with board members of the company.

The show will tell the stories of a number of people who took part in the beginning stages of making and spreading the drug, such as the Sacklers, people who were trying to bring themselves down, like Uzo Aduba’s character Edie, and people who were hurt because of the drug, such as Taylor Kitsch’s character Glen, a car mechanic who gets a bad back injury during work.

Painkiller likewise follows the adventures of some medical sales reps or people Purdue paid thoroughly to get doctors to prescribe additional amounts of their very addictive medicine. It also follows the lives of people who became addicted to opioids shortly after their doctor told them that it’s okay to carry out because physicians believed it was safe to use.

Painkiller is a made-up story based on real events, but the new Netflix thriller is based on real events and true sources. The official description for the new drama says it will portray “perpetrators, victims, or truth-seekers that are changed by the creation of OxyContin” and look at some of the causes and effects of the drug problem in the United States.

The summary says that Painkiller was “an examination of illicit activity, accountability, and the structures that have repeatedly let down to serve tens of thousands of Americans.” We trace the rise of OxyContin from Purdue Pharma and its active advertising and sales strategy, which got a lot of doctors to prescribe the drug.

As sales of OxyContin skyrocketed, the show followed billionaire CEO Richard Sackler or his wealthy family. It also followed fictional characters Emma Flowers (Aduba), who looked into the rise in sales, as well as aged Purdue Pharma agent Shannon (Duchovny) or hardworking family member Glen (Kitsch), who was given OxyContin from his doctor after getting hurt at work.

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