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Real support or political campaign? 4 US mayors change their salary to bitcoin

Key facts:

Mayors of Florida, New York and a city in Tennessee prefer bitcoin to dollars.

Inflation in the United States and the devaluation of the dollar has increased support for bitcoin.

November started hectic for the United States. In just the first week of the month, four mayors announced that they will start collecting their salary in bitcoin (BTC). Miami began, followed by New York and today two cities in Tennessee and Florida joined the movement. They do not let us be shocked by the news of one that another already appears. What is happening? Is there an armed plan behind this?

The tendency to start charging in bitcoin among US officials occurs spontaneously in principle. It seems that there is no alliance between them, at least not public knowledge. It came about as a “domino effect.” It was enough for one to announce it via Twitter for other bitcoiners politicians to cheer up too.

Although, politicians never make a random play and less when it comes to cryptocurrencies. This initiative adds to the set of actions that these four leaders have been developing with bitcoin during the year. In fact, Eric Adams, the mayor of New York, said he has started a “Friendly competition” to see who makes it easier to use cryptocurrencies in each city.

US politicians show distrust in the dollar and preference for bitcoin

Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami, even announced in the middle of the year that he had bought bitcoin as an investment. This responds, in a way, to the devaluation that the dollar is suffering as opposed to the strengthening of this cryptocurrency, which has reached its all-time high two weeks ago.

On the other hand, from Tennessee, Scott Conger, the mayor of the city Jackson said, in April of this year, that he was evaluating the possibility of enabling payment of salaries in bitcoin. This highlights the distrust that exists about the dollar and the concern about inflation in the United States.

After the economic crisis left by the pandemic, the United States made a massive printing of banknotes, higher than usual. This caused, to a large extent, that the country’s inflation will reach 5 points, a figure much higher than in previous years, which normally ranged between 0 and 2 points.

The fourth president to announce this week that she will receive her salary in bitcoin was Jane Castor, the mayor of Tampa Bay, a city in Florida. The statement was made at a bitcoin and blockchain event, where in addition expressed his desire for wanting to make his city a leading place in these technologies. This is what the other three officials are looking for as well, so it seems that Adams was not wrong: the battle for cryptocurrencies began.

The mayor of Tampa Bay in Florida joined the wave of bitcoin cashing from Miami, New York and Tennessee. Source: Twitter.

All this suggests that Suarez, Adams, Conger and Castor found in this new collection decision a way to generate more visibility of your support for bitcoin. Although it can be seen as a strategy to win the votes of the bitcoiner community – which already exceeds 46 million Americans – it is clear that they have a real conviction about the essence of this asset, which transcends on a personal level.

It will be necessary to see if more politicians join the wave of Florida, New York and Tennessee. In other fields in the United States, such as sports, this had been happening for a long time. As reported by ., more and more athletes decide to collect their salary in this cryptocurrency, as is the case with some NBA basketball players.

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