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Following Episode 19, “The Witches of Riverdale,” viewers of Series 6 will soon be able to watch Episode 20, “Return to Riverdale.” It’s challenging to predict what will happen because Riverdale’s universe is always evolving. However, a promotional video that was uploaded to their official YouTube website gave us some hints. The brief snippet from the episode, whose name we now know to be “Return to Riverdale,” depicts the gang attempting to learn more about Percival Pickens. Check Riverdales Season 6 Episode 20 release date and more details.

Riverdale 6 Episode 20

After the exciting episode of last week, the fans saw the return of Sabrina Spellman. Now, the viewers can not seem to wait for the next episode of the ever-twisting and turning drama. Well, let us tell them that they would not have to wait too long as the upcoming episode is just around the corner. Although not much information is available about the upcoming episode, it is said that KJ Andrews, who is leading the gang, appears to gain more than he bargained for when their plan to uncover intel on Pickens quickly blows up in their faces. Played by Archie Andrews, KJ can be seen plotting with Madeline Patch.

KJ plots about building a bomb and the series leaves viewers in the dark after they see the bomb exploding at the end of the clip. Observing the trailer and all the build-up to the Series 6 finale, it is no doubt to state that the next episode will be far from a boring one. Reports state that the makers have announced a total of 22 episodes for Series 6. It means that after the release of this episode, only two episodes will be left for the viewers to get entertained with and they might have to wait for another season if there will be any.

Talking about Riverdale Season 6 Episode 20 release date, it will be premiered on Sunday, July 17, 2022, at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CT. One some days are left in the release of episode 20 and needless to say, the fans are quite excited about it. They have been expressing their excitement on social media about the same and have been discussing the probable story. After its release, episode 21 would be released on July 24 while the season finale will arrive on July 31. Let us add that there is still plenty of adventures left to be carried out by the gang. Keep following our site and get all the latest updates.