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room and table reserved all year

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The month of March 2021 will not be easily forgotten Sara carbonero (37 years old) and Iker Casillas (40). After months of intense rumors of a marriage crisis, both confirmed, via Instagram, their separation after 11 years of love and two children in common. End to his radiant and emblematic love story. The rupture led to a media tsunami.

Weeks and months of intense information seasoned with rumors and speculation. In time, the calm came and they both began to go their separate ways in their new reality. He, enjoying his singleness and without a sentimental partner, at least official, to date. She, Carbonero, started a love story with the singer Kiki morente (31).

However, despite this separation there is experiences, unpublished moments and passages that will always unite Sara and Iker. 11 years of love go a long way, in addition to two children, Martin and Lucas. They both have friends in common, and it was more than usual to see Sara in the exporter’s hometown, Navalacruz, in Ávila. There’s also graphic testimonial of Iker Casillas in the town of his ex-wife, Corral de Almaguer, in Toledo. This story that is told focuses on the municipality of it. There, Sara and Iker they put up their house, their home, the family place where they escaped with their children from bustling Madrid.

The table reserved for Sara Carbonero at El Tapas, in Corral de Almaguer, in Toledo. THE SPANISH

Iker was one more in Sara’s town. In fact, to this day, the athlete keep great friendships and he travels to the town to continue enjoying them, as he exclusively reported a few months ago THE SPANISH. Now, this newspaper has been able to expand that information and knows a kind of ‘secret corner‘where Sara and Iker enjoyed being married and that, according to this medium, they continue to do so separately. That corner is in the well-known El Patas restaurant, on the outskirts of the municipality.

In this establishment there is a special affection for Sara Carbonero, the ‘star’ who left town to succeed and make journalism history. There, in El Patas, Sara has her own private altar, her secret corner. It is your ‘second home’, your place of trust when eating, well, it comes. In a reserved part from the restaurant, hides the place where Sara Carbonero and her family celebrate great family events. First you access a large living room and, inside this, a room with a sliding door. Sara’s room, the “Sara Carbonero’s corner”, as the table that presides over his table reads, the usual one, number 19.

The dress displayed in the display case and the painting that reads 'El rincón de Sara Carbonero'.

The dress displayed in the display case and the painting that reads ‘El rincón de Sara Carbonero’. THE SPANISH

The one that awaits you all year. Everything is reserved ‘sine die’ until the journalist visits the town. In a presidential window, a dress by Sara Carbonero, “which she gave.” According to someone who knows the story well to this medium, “not whenever she comes she eats there or eats out, but she already knows that There you have your corner to eat quietly and away from curious glances“, it is assured. On these dates that are coming, Christmas, the presenter -before together with Iker Casillas- has the custom to travel to town for a few days, together with her children, so that her mother, Goyi, enjoy them.

The sliding door that separates Carbonero's private room from the rest of the room.

The sliding door that separates Carbonero’s private room from the rest of the room. THE SPANISH

Family meals are expected at this restaurant this year as well, as a person close to Sara reports. In this restaurant they are specialized in shoulder of lambSara Carbonero’s favorite dish that she always asks for. Also pate and good wine are among his most special requests. As mentioned above, Iker Casillas continues to visit Corral de Almaguer despite the separation. Meet one of his best friends, the husband of the daughter of the owners of El Patas.

The athlete was seen with this man last August. “It is very flat and when he comes he lets himself be seen in the places with total naturalness, it has always been like that. Much more than Sara, who is more from home. He is to celebrate and have a good time. When they were married, the one who most took the children to the municipal swimming pool was him, “reported a source from Toledo consulted some time ago.

Sara Carbonero during the 'photocall' of one of her last public events.

Sara Carbonero during the ‘photocall’ of one of her last public events. Gtres

As stated, Casillas frequently ‘escapes’ to the town of Sara Carbonero, he always does it as he is: from discretion. “When a photo is asked of him, he never has a problem in taking it, although he likes to go unnoticed. He loves the villages and their tranquility“, it is added as a closing. In another vein, with regard to Sara Carbonero and her new illusion with Kiki Morente, it is insisted that both” continue with their own thing, they are together and very well. They ignore anything that is said and go their own wayThey live from day to day, and this person with whom they contact slides that the way of being and thinking and living of Morente has meant “fresh air” for the journalist in this difficult time that she has had to face after her Casillas broke up. They hit it off as soon as they saw each other and he invited her to his concert. Music and art did the rest. Precisely because they don’t name what they live, it is reported that are acting “so normally“for her surroundings. Sara already knows Kiki’s family more intimately.

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