Sakamoto Days Chapter 148 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Yuto Suzuki wrote and drew Sakamoto Days, a fairly new and well-known action comedy manga. On the show, a skilled hitman known as Taro Sakamoto is shown to be retired and enjoying life with his household and running his local shop.

But when someone puts a reward on Sakamoto’s head, he has to go back to his old life to protect his loved ones. So far, the story has passed through 10 arcs. We are now looking at the Assassin Exhibition which is the Century Arc.

Chapter 148 of the Japanese manga series Sakamoto Days was written and drawn by Yuto Suzuki. People who can’t wait for every new episode to air have been watching the show since its initial broadcast in November 2020.

When Sakamoto Several Days Chapter 148 comes out, fans will be so happy they can hardly stand it.If you’ve been reading this book, you might be interested in when the next part will come out. Don’t worry anymore!

Sakamoto Days Chapter 148 : Release Date

Chapter 148 of Sakamoto Days will come forth on Sunday, 17 December, at around 3 p.m. (GMT), 7 a.m. (PT), as well as 10 a.m. (ET). Of course, it depends on when these parts are posted. But this should be fairly near to the release time. You can read all the other parts on the sites listed above, and you can also watch the cartoon on Crunchyroll.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 148 : Trailer

Want to read some new manga? You ought to check toward Sakamoto Days if that’s the case. This cute and funny series tells the story of a little girl’s travels. Viz Media puts out the Sakamoto Days episodes with pictures on their internet site, Shonen Jump.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 148 : The Story

Natsuki saves Shin and Mafuyu from Osagiri’s wrath in Chapter 146, and then they find Kaji somewhere else. Natsuki takes out the bombs with the help of Mafuyu. Their guide Natsuki tells them that Kasumi told him about Mafuyu and the bomb.

Mafuyu leaves their family to start a crepe business internationally after telling Natsuki he’s sorry for losing to a member of the Order.  No one thought the bomb would keep going off after it was taken out. Shin grabs the bomb, puts it within a bag, and runs away by jumping out the window.

While some regular people wonder what’s going on, members of the Order get information about their new task, which involves Toramaru.  Also, Shin tells Samejima concerning the bomb that is inside Toramaru, but Samejima doesn’t want to hear it. We proceeded to cut towards Toramaru, who is feeling sad because she thinks Mafuyu has died.

She thinks about her flaws while several guys bother her. Sakamoto beats one of the guys and saves Toramaru before they can catch her. At the end of the chapter, he tells his friend about his success.

Shin will refuse to listen to Sakamoto, which means he will blame himself for betraying him and killing his sister. Shin will also say that he is carrying a bomb inside him and is ready to give up his life in order to destroy Sakamoto and the Guild’s base.

When Sakamoto finds out about Shin’s confession, he will be shocked and sad. He will try to stop Shin from putting off the bomb while also trying to show that he is innocent and find out what the Guild is up to and how they are being dishonest.

When Sakamoto and Shin realise they were tricked and lied to by the Guild, they will work together to face Mr. X. In addition, they will try to get out of the building before it goes off. Sakamoto or Shin will beat Mr. X and get out of the base, but they will get badly hurt and lose consciousness in the process.

Their friends from Sakamoto will save them and take them to a safe place. When Sakamoto and Shin wake up, they will forgive each other and make up. This will make their friendship stronger. Even if it means giving up their jobs as killers, they will choose to stay together with their loved ones.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 148 : Review 

In Episode 148, Sakamoto Days gives an interesting look into the main character’s past, showing how he changed from a tough killer to a devoted family guy who still has great fighting skills.  Understanding Sakamoto’s story on a deeper level is made possible by this chapter’s skillful storytelling, which shows how hard it is for him to balance his past life with his present family duties. Readers are able to anticipate interesting situations that will reveal more about Sakamoto’s long and complicated past.

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