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Scientist Believes The Coronavirus Came From Outer Space

Is the Coronavirus the primary wave of a organic extraterrestrial invasion of Earth – a real-life The Andromeda Pressure? It sounds fairly rattling unlikely to me, however then once more, I’m not Cambridge PhD mathematician, astronomer and astrobiologist Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe. He’s claiming the COVID-19 virus, which is at present on the tipping level of changing into a world pandemic, could have been attributable to a meteorite hitting China again in October.

Right here’s his perspective on the virus’ origins:

“The sudden outbreak of a brand new coronavirus may be very more likely to have an area connection, the robust localisation of the virus inside China is essentially the most outstanding facet of the illness. In October final yr a fraction of a comet exploded in a short flash in North East China. We expect it possible that this contained embedded inside it a monoculture of infective 2019-nCoV virus particles that survived within the inside of the incandescent meteor.

We think about the seemingly outrageous risk that lots of of trillions of infective viral particles had been then launched embedded within the type of fantastic carbonaceous mud. We imagine infectious brokers are prevalent in house, carried on comets, and might fall in direction of Earth via the troposphere. These, we expect, can and have up to now gone on to result in human illness epidemics.”

This isn’t Dr. Wickramasinghe’s first time arguing {that a} virus has its origins within the stars, both. He’s beforehand claimed that the 1918 flu epidemic, some sorts of polio, Mad Cow Illness and SARS got here to Earth as a part of meteorites or in clouds of comet mud. It must also be mentioned that Dr. Wickramasinghe’s theories have been virtually completely dismissed by the broader scientific neighborhood.

Again when he was arguing that SARS was from house, a rival professional identified that:

“SARS is a coronavirus. No such virus–or for that matter any RNA virus–in contrast to micro organism, is thought to be immune to the form of radiation current in house.”

In fact, Dr. Wickramasinghe’s concept is similar to the plot of the 1971 film and 2008 miniseries The Andromeda Pressure, each based mostly on the 1969 novel by Michael Crichton. That ends with scientists concluding they should nuke the virus into submission (with our hero determined to cease it). We will solely hope that COVID-19 isn’t so resilient as to warrant that.

Within the meantime, perhaps keep away from massive crowds, wash your fingers continuously and check out to not contact your face. And for those who do get positioned in quarantine, kill a while by testing The Andromeda Pressure. It’s a fairly cool film.

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