Sedat Peker Dead Or Alive? Where Is He? Death Hoax Are True Or Fake?

Sedat Peker, the wanted leader of an organized crime ring operating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was taken to the hospital after feeling ill. The incidents were posted on social media by his wife, Zge Peker. According to a video shared by Zge Peker, Sedat Peker received serum on his arm at the hospital. Journalist Ylmaz Zdil also made a comment about Peker’s health on social media. Ever since Sedat Peker’s death news has become a hot topic on the internet. People are searching whether he is dead or alive on social media. Check what is the truth.

Sedat Peker dead or alive

According to Zdir, Sedat Peker’s health is quite good. Zdir continued to say that Sedat dealing with a bacterial illness in his intestines that he is treating and that he was admitted to the hospital for a short period and then released, and his treatment will take place at home. Fans should send him their best wishes, Zdir further added. After claims that he was slain or jailed in the country he was in, convicted mob boss Sedat Peker uploaded a new video on YouTube Friday night (June 20).

Peker claims in the six-minute video that the authorities in the country where he currently resides forbade him from posting recordings because of the high possibility of an assassination attempt. “They will make a decision in the following stage after a new evaluation is completed in 15 days,” he says. The name of the country in question was not revealed by Peker.

The wanted leader claimed to be in the UAE in prior recordings, but the country has yet to confirm or deny this. Using screenshots from his videos, however, social media users were able to find various places he stayed. Sedat began recording movies about state-mafia relations in Turkey in early May, alleging international drug and arms smuggling, bribery, corruption, and political killings against current and former government leaders.

Since then, his charges have dominated Turkey’s political conversation, with his hour-long videos amassing more than 100 million views on YouTube. Peker stated in a video aired on June 6 that the following episode would focus on President Recep Tayyip Erdoan, but he has yet to do so. There were even reports that he was detained or assassinated after he went silent on Twitter for almost 24 hours last week. He stated he met with “the authorities” to evaluate the security dangers against him in a tweet on June 14.

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