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Shayna Jack: Anabolic factor Ligandrol has been discovered

Australian swimmer Shayna Jack declares she tested positive for anabolic agent Ligandrol and that her B sample has also affirmed the outlawed substance.

Jack, 20, stated she “did not purposely take this substance” and will “strive to unblock my name”.

The news of the conflicting test outcome was declared on Saturday, endorsed by Swimming Australia (SA) and Jack.

That befell 13 days later Jack departed from the World Aquatics Championships in South Korea for “individual purposes”.

SA retained its approach of the case and exposed the condition as “shameful” and “failing”.

Jack’s voice arose days after her team-mate Mack Horton openly protested upon Chinese swimmer Sun Yang, having earlier called him a “drug cheat”.

Four-time World Championship medallist Jack returned an adverse result in an out-of-competition test conducted by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (Asada) on 26 June.

In a social media post entitled ‘The day my life turned upside down’, Jack says she was notified of the test results by Asada on 12 July. She was provisionally suspended by Swimming Australia and flew home from a training camp in Japan.

She states her team-mates were “informed of my going, without any sign of what for”.

Later on 19 July, she transpired with the B sample had also tested positive. The Asada investigations are continuing.

“I didn’t purposely take this substance; I didn’t yet know it was in my system,” answered Jack. “It didn’t make any insight, and yet doesn’t to this date.

“I did not and would not deceive and will proceed to strive to unblock my name.”

SA chief executive Leigh Russell states the regulatory body was bound by a confidential deal with Asada that prevented them from disclosing aspects till either Jack or Asada issued details of the adverse test.

“I admit this is a frustrating situation, but I too accept Shayna has justice to a decent process,” replied Russell.

“She has informed us that she was planning to declare the adverse test result this week. She stated she required to pause until her team-mates had completed.”

SA was also reprimanded for not having a member of the management or coaching staff face the media in Gwangju when the news revealed on Saturday, willing world and Olympic champion Cate Campbell to talk on behalf of the team.

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