Somebody Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know

Somebody Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Somebody is a South Korean streaming TV show that was written by Jung Ji-woo and Han Ji-wan and starred Kim Young-kwang, Kang Hae-rim, Kim Yong-ji, as well as Kim Soo-yeon. It was directed by Jung Ji-woo. On November 18, 2022, it was first shown on Netflix.

Does thriller action make you feel alive? Do you sometimes watch a bunch of thriller movies in a row? Well, this Korean show is the perfect example of its kind. Somebody was a fresh Korean drama show, and the first season will come out on November 18, 2022.

Since the season 1 video came out, there has already been a lot of talk about it. This series was made by Jung Ji-woo, and most of it is only available in Korean. The show is about four main people who are all connected to a murder case.

Kim Young-Kwang, who has been in a lot of South Korean comedies such as The Guardians as well as The Secret Life of My Secretary as well as has also done a lot of acting, plays the lead role in this show.

Just hearing the name Kim Young-Kwang is enough to make someone want to watch this show and enjoy it. Han Ji Wan, a fan of this type of book, wrote this psychological drama.

We can promise that season 1 will be fun, and assuming there are more seasons, they will be, too. This show also has a lot of new names, so it is going to be lot of fun to watch.

When it comes to the story, it’s likely to be a lot like the movie American Psycho, which it’s based on. We will tell you everything new about Somebody, like who is in it, when the next season will come out, where you can watch it, and what its trailers look like. So, keep an eye out.

What’s The Deal With Season 2 Of Somebody?

As of right now, we don’t know if “Somebody” will get a second season. Critics haven’t liked the show, and it hasn’t done well in the numbers. Still, admirers of the show still hope that it can be kept going. If it doesn’t get extended, it will be a big letdown for them.

When Season 2 Of Somebody Comes Out:

Since the first season of Somebody South Korean Drama aired in November, we are able to anticipate the network to take a few months to decide on the story, cast, and everything else for season 2.

But, like the majority Korean dramas, the makers want it to be brief and to the point so they don’t go into boring plots or character arcs. This doesn’t hurt the show in the long run.

Most directors, especially of Korean shows, want to tell their stories in just one season by putting in their best effort and giving their full attention.

Still, no one should give up hope, because if this season does well on Netflix, the creators will do their best to keep it going for more seasons. As of right now, there isn’t any news about it.

Somebody Season 2 Overview:

Season Title Somebody
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episode 8
Writer Han Ji Wan
Director Jung Ji Woo
Genre Crime, Thriller
Music Lee Ji-yeon
Country of Origin South Korea
Production Beyond J
Producer Jung A-reum, Ok Kwang-hee
First Episode Aired November 18, 2022
Last Episode Aired November 18, 2022

Somebody Season 2 Cast:

Cast Character
Kim Young Kwang Seong Yun O
Kang Hae Lim Kim Sum
Kim Yong Ji Im Mok Won
Kim Soo Yeon Yeong Gi Eun
Choi Yoo Ha Samantha Jung
Chu Seon Woo Jang Ha Na
Bae Gang Hee Lee Ha I
Song Yeon Ji Rose

Score For Season 2 Of Somebody:

If you’ve never seen the show and are wondering how good it is, I can tell you that it’s pretty good. The show has a good IMDb score of 5.7/10, and the average viewer score on MyDramaList is 7.3/10.

So, this show is for sure on my list. If you’re still not sure if you want to see it, read what other people have said about it.

Netflix has made a thriller that looks good, is well made, and has great acting. Because of this, the series is still very interesting to watch if you like slow-paced plots.

This story had a lot of potential that wasn’t being used. The score of 7.2 on a scale of 10 should tell you how well gruntstuff liked this show.

The Plot Of Season 2 Of Somebody Is:

Kim Sum makes the social networking app “Somebody.” She has trouble getting along with other people, but Mok-won and Gi-eun are her friends. Her friend Gi-eun is a police officer.

There is a murder, as well as the app “Somebody” has something to do with it. Sung Yun-oh, an architect, shows up in the presence of Sum as well as her friends. Yun-oh is a good-looking guy, but he appears to be keeping something from us. Gi-eun is also looking into the murder with the assistance of Mok-won.

What We Should Expect In Season 2 Of Somebody:

Fans of the successful show Someone is very excited for Season 2 to come out. Fans were on the edges of their seats at the end of the first season, and they can’t wait to find out what comes next.

The second season is going to have even more unexpected developments than the first. Viewers can look forward to seeing their favorite figures and some new ones.

Release Of  The Season 2 Trailer For Somebody:

The video for the first season of this program, which will soon be available on Netflix, is now on YouTube. If there is a plan for Season 2, it will be the same. Season 2 could also have eight shows, just like the first season.

What Number Of Episodes Will Be In Season 2 Of Somebody?

Some reports say that the first installment of Somebody will have an overall of eight shows. If the director decides to produce the next season of Somebody, it could have at least eight episodes, just like the previous seasons did. So, the next season should have at least eight shows.

Where Can The Somebody Series Be Seen?

If you’re looking over a new Netflix show to watch, you might want to check out Somebody. Someone is a new show upon Netflix that is very interesting and will hook you from the first half. Somebody is a great movie for people who like crime and action movies.

Is Someone Worth To Watch?

The crowd decides how good a show is based upon how many scores and reviews it has gotten, and then they watch the show.

So, if you are interested in seeing Somebody Worth, don’t think twice; just start watching it. Both IMDb as well as Rotten Tomatoes have given it a lot of good reviews and high scores.

One Last Thing:

This is the end. We get all of our information from IMDB, Wikipedia, Rotten Tomatoes, and fandoms. If you enjoy this story, please tell as many people as possible about it.

Our goal is to keep you up to date on when Season of Somebody will come out and to make sure the information is correct and up to date. If you want to know more about this subject, leave a comment below. If we find out more about this subject, we’ll add it here. Please keep in touch with us.

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