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By Mariana Castro Azpíroz

You go to the grocery store and since you’re already on an eco-friendly plan, you choose all of the merchandise with biodegradable packaging. You come residence very comfortable, you devour your merchandise and throw all the pieces away, with out regret as a result of it can decompose with out drawback and can disappear. Error. The label “biodegradable” will not be all the time synonymous with ecological. It seems that it could even be dangerous to the surroundings if it’s not disposed of appropriately and never given an extended sufficient helpful life.

The language trick

That it has “bio” within the identify doesn’t suggest that it’s ecological. There are plastics made out of organic sources that aren’t biodegradable and there are additionally biodegradable plastics made out of fossil fuels.

“Biodegradable” actually implies that, when uncovered to the surroundings and microorganisms, a cloth will likely be transformed into different smaller by-products. So technically, given sufficient time, something can qualify as biodegradable.. What we think about with this time period is simply one of many potential situations: micro organism or fungi feed on the product and generate one thing that may be reabsorbed by the surroundings, with out contaminating it. However one other chance is that after they degrade they generate greenhouse gases or different poisonous by-products. Plastics, newspapers, and even natural waste produce methane and carbon dioxide in landfills.

Key substances

For one thing to biodegrade, it wants a number of brokers to come back into play: microorganisms, warmth, oxygen, humidity and lightweight. So if the supplies which can be actually designed to have a low environmental affect get buried on the backside of the landfill, they don’t have entry to any of this and it finally ends up being the identical as single-use plastics – they don’t break down and make them reservoirs refill quicker. Every plastic wants particular situations and, of their absence, they could not degrade, degrade slower, or fragment into microplastics. Sure, those who pollute the ocean and of which we eat the equal of a bank card per week.

So a part of the answer continues to be to generate much less rubbish. Anyway, only one% of plastics are biodegradable. A median of 333 million tons of standard plastics and solely 2.11 of biodegradable plastics are produced yearly. That might be the identical weight ratio between a spider monkey and a golf ball.

Flavors to decide on

TPS or starch thermoplastics are made out of plant sugars, equivalent to corn, blended with water and polymers, which “plasticize” them. They’re probably the most used sort. They line espresso cups and make many disposable containers. PLA or polylactic acid is obtained from the fermentation of corn, sugar cane, or yucca and is the second most used. Some rubbish luggage are manufactured from it. Biodegradable cutlery will be made out of TPS or PLA.

biodegradable plastics

biodegradable plastics

Picture: Pixabay

If sure microorganisms feed on sugars or fat, they generate PHAs or polyhydroxyalkanoates, one other sort of biodegradable plastic. That is much less frequent, however has scientific functions, equivalent to in surgical sutures..

“Compostable” or “bioplastic” plastics are these made out of starch from crops. They break down into water, oxygen, and compost. However there’s additionally a consideration with labels right here, as a result of some will be added to selfmade compost and others require an industrial composting course of, which includes excessive temperatures and humidity ranges for decomposition to start. The issue is that this isn’t all the time clearly specified. Additionally, compostables shouldn’t be blended with recyclable plastics.

Matter of time

Research have discovered that varied biodegradable plastic luggage can maintain purchases three years after being buried underground or left in seawater.

Whereas a banana peel takes from 2 to 10 days to degrade and the paper from 2 to five months, a tetrapack takes 30 years, an artificial cloth garment takes 40, standard plastic luggage, 150 and plastic bottles and disposable diapers 450 years!

A lifeless finish?

How environmentally pleasant a biodegradable product is relies upon, like standard plastics, on manufacturing practices, the helpful lifetime of the product and correct disposal and therapy on the finish of it. It’s ineffective whether it is bioplastic if we’re going to give it a single use anyway.

Composting ought to be the final possibility, after having given our merchandise an extended helpful life. A median Mexican makes use of 73 straws and 150 plastic luggage a yr. Utilizing reusable merchandise can save the equal of seven,300 napkins, 163 soda cans, 500 espresso glasses, 234 bottles and 123 cutlery. The perfect we are able to do continues to be keep away from single-use plastics (no matter their composition) and go for the least quantity of packaging potential.

There are lots of methods to assist the surroundings, however we should inform ourselves effectively earlier than making selections. The “straightforward” answer, with out having the large image, isn’t possibility and may find yourself being counterproductive.


Mariana Castro Azpíroz studied molecular biology on the UAM Cuajimalpa. He has carried out analysis in collaboration with the Cuemanco Heart for Organic and Aquaculture Analysis (CIBAC, UAM-X); Moreover, it has devoted itself to the care and conservation of endemic aquaculture species. Since 2019 he has been devoted to scientific dissemination and at present does environmental schooling by social networks.

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