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Spanish businessman tortured to steal his bitcoin fortune

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An organized criminal gang stole millions of euros in bitcoin from the founder of Tuenti.

The assault had several acts of torture until the businessman gave the password to his wallet.

Zaryn Dentzel, the founder of the social network Tuenti, was robbed in his own home in Spain by an organized criminal gang that ended up robbing him of tens of millions of euros in bitcoin. The businessman, who kept part of his fortune in this cryptocurrency, reported the theft to the Federal Police, after being tortured for several hours.

The case, which happened on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, not only consisted of carrying out a millionaire robbery. There was also an attempted kidnapping, according to the testimony of Zaryn Dentzel before the Federal Police of Spain. After several violent events, the assailants got him to give them the password to the wallet where he stored his bitcoins.

In turn, the criminals took several of Zaryn Dentzel’s personal technology equipment. In addition to bitcoins, laptops, cell phones and tablets were stolen that he had with him. All this happened within the department that the entrepreneur has in the center of Madrid.

They tortured him for hours until he gave up his bitcoins

At around 3pm on Tuesday, Zaryn Dentzel, who was at home with a friend and a maintenance worker, opened the front door upon hearing the bell. It was then when a group of four hooded people were violently introduced into their home and they covered the security cameras.

Then they started a series of acts of torture for the owner of the house to hand over his fortune, according to Dentzel. They gave him from blows to electric shocks with a laser gun. They even cut his chest for refusing to hand over his money. The Federal Police were able to verify the injuries.

After being tortured and threatened for a time, the businessman gave them the password of his bitcoin wallet. Immediately afterwards, they fled with some of their personal technology equipment.

A neighbor had heard screams coming from inside the apartment during the robbery, for which he alerted the police. But this didn’t come until a while after the gang escaped. During the complaint, several neighbors reported seeing the group of hooded men when they were escaping.


Criminals stole the password of the bitcoin wallet of the founder of the social network Tuenti in Spain.
Source: @Tuenti /

According to the description issued by the founder of Tuenti, criminals could be from Eastern Europe, as estimated by the Federal Police of Spain. This armed assault remains under investigation.

Recently, there was another case of armed assault in Spain related to cryptocurrencies. As . reported, In Barcelona, ​​a politician pretended to be a policeman to steal money from some bitcoin users.

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