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The 8 visions of Moctezuma that announced the conquest of Mexico-Tenochtitlan

Showers of fireplace and visions of deformed individuals are amongst the predictions of Moctezuma, previous to the arrival of the Spanish in America.

Regardless of the historic distance that separates us from the Conquest, a diffuse halo covers Moctezuma’s predictions. They have been 8 the dire omens it recorded previous to the arrival of the peninsulars to Mesoamerica. Between pure disasters, astronomical phenomena and the look of supernatural creatures, the very nature of these ominous indicators prevents us from having a proof clear about it.

Given the descriptions that survived the Conquest course of, the western gaze of the conquerors disqualified these occasions for being blasphemous, and get away from the good Christian path. Because of this, for hundreds of years they remained unstudied, as they’d remained in the land of unreason. So as of look, these have been the occasions that puzzled the final tlatoani of Mexico-Tenochtitlan:

A burning spike in the sky

Data of the first dire omen date 10 years earlier than the arrival of the Spanish to Mexico-Tenochtitlán. In accordance with the descriptions that are preserved in the surviving codices, “a spike of fireplace, one like a flame of fireplace, one like aurora” flashed in the celestial vault one night time, like “if I punctured in the sky“.

Later historiographic opinions interpret this phenomenon as the passing of a luminous comet, by no means earlier than noticed by Mexica astronomers. As a substitute of understanding it as a celestial object, Moctezuma’s gaze noticed in it a star that dripped in the heights.

Destruction of the Xiuhtecuhtli temple

Second Omen, in Bernardino de Sahagún, Basic Historical past of the issues of New Spain L 12 Fo2. Century XVI. Picture: Noticonquista

For hundreds of years, there was a necessity amongst Mesoamerican peoples to clarify extraordinary occasions in a symbolic manner.

This motion was referred to as tetzahuitl, from the verb tetzahuia, which interprets to astonished or horrified. Such was the response of the Mexica when witnessing the influence of lightning on the temple of Xiuhtecuhtli, recognized to be ‘the Lord of the Years’, or the god of fireplace. The temple was fully destroyed by irrepressible flames.

Huitzilopochtli’s home fireplace

Fray Bernardino de Sahagún, one of the most outstanding chroniclers of the ‘New World’, described Moctezuma’s predictions as “alerts and forecasts that appeared earlier than the Spaniards got here to those lands and there was no information of them ”. The second of the disasters was the fireplace of Huitzilopochtli’s home.

Regardless of the reality that this was a sacred house, the fireplace couldn’t be put out. I do know lit by itself in a single day, spontaneously, regardless of being in-built stone. On the opposite, the extra efforts have been made to extinguish the flames, the extra alive they turned. As if with every blow of water he turned extra enraged, the temple was decreased to an indomitable pyre, virtually accidentally.

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Starburst on

Moctezuma's predictions

In Bernardino de Sahagún, Basic Historical past of the issues of New Spain L 12 Fo 1. 16th century. Picture: Noticonquista

The fourth of Moctezuma’s predictions has been defined as an irrepressible bathe of stars, which appeared to convey a deluge of fireplace upon the earth.

Amid the chaos, based on surviving descriptions, an enormous star blew tails of smoke behind it. After that, a rain of fireplace got here. What stunned those that witnessed the disaster most was that it occurred in broad daylight.

Boiling water flood

After the rain of fireplace, Lake Texcoco boiled over. Upon overflowing, it reached the homes and buildings of historic Mexico-Tenochtitlan, burning all the pieces in its path. “He got here to the beginnings of the homes and homes destroyed, flooded in water. That was as a result of of the lagoon that is subsequent to us ”, as described by Bernardino de Sahagún in his Basic Historical past of the Issues of New Spain.

The voice of a girl who cries for her kids

The screams appeared at night time, between the streets, above the sky, under the earth. That is the way it was recorded in the codices of the time: “Many occasions it was heard: a girl was crying; he was screaming at night time; he was shouting loudly: ‘My kids, we already need to go far!‘”. Varied historians agree that that is the origin of the legend of La Llorona.

Extra modern opinions hyperlink this recurring determine in Mesoamerican narratives to Malintzin, the lady that Cortés married on his colonial travels. There may be adequate proof that they weren’t solely married, however had kids collectively who subsequently took administrative positions in New Spain. Different interpretations counsel that they may very well be these girls violated by the conquerors, who gave beginning to kids born of rape.

A star-headed crane

Moctezuma's predictionsSeventh omen, in Bernardino de Sahagún, Basic Historical past of the issues of New Spain L 12 Fo3. Century XVI. Picture: Noticonquista

As in the event that they have been guided by a divine drive, a flock of birds exhumed a huge crane from Lake Texcoco. When she was launched to Moctezuma, the tlatoani marveled as a result of, as an alternative of having a face, she had a bit of obsidian embedded in the head.

In accordance with the narratives of the time, interpreted in flip by Sahagún, stars may very well be seen in the stone, in addition to the reflection of whoever dared to take a look at her face. In the mexica mystique, obsidian was thought-about the Huitzilopochtli stone. Again then, that was considered the materials from the coronary heart of the historic god of struggle If you happen to appeared inside, you would see the contents of your individual soul.

Look of unfamiliar beings

The final of Moctezuma’s predictions alludes to the look (and sudden disappearance) of two-headed males, hybrids with animals and “monstrous folks”. They would seem in entrance of the tlatoani and, after trying instantly into his eyes, they’d vanish into skinny air, as if they’d by no means been there.

By then, it’s recognized that the political chief of Mexico-Tenochtitlán was already below appreciable strain. After 7 dire occasions, which he recognized as ominous omens that heralded a disaster, thes persecutory hallucinations wouldn’t appear far off. Nonetheless, there isn’t a report of what may have been the origin of these visions of misshapen spectra.

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