The Cleaning Lady Season 3  Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Since it was reported in February 2023 that there would be a third season of The Cleaning Lady, fans have been waiting to hear when it would come out. Rosa is a single mother that has to work as a cleaner for mobsters to support her child. The show is about her. Here is everything we know about when Season 3 of The Cleaning Lady will be out.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 : Release Date

At this point, there is no clear date for when Season 3 of The Cleaning Lady will come out. It might not come until sometime within March and May 2024, though. It won’t come out until March or May 2024 because the writers’ room for the television series has only recently opened after the WGA strikes ended. So, the process of writing has just begun. 

After that, shooting would happen over three months, from January to March. This makes it more likely that The Cleaning Lady will come out between March and May 2024. The third season of The Cleaning Lady might not come out until late 2024, though, if the SAG AFTRA talks are not settled on time.

These strikes should end by the end of 2023. Based on what we know at the time this was written, these numbers are just guesses. Adan Canto, Martha Millan, Sean Lew’s, Faith Bryant, who was Sebastien LaSalle, Valentino LaSalle, or Eva de Dominici are some of the actors who play parts in The Cleaning Lady.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 : Trailer

There isn’t a trailer for Season 3 of The Cleaning Lady yet. You are able to check Netflix, though, to see if there is an update. Follow Bigflix to find the hottest movies, cartoons, and TV shows.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 : Cast

The show wouldn’t have been able to do what it wanted to do without the work of the main star group. Fans of The Cleaning Girl Series are very happy that the show has been picked up for a third season since the second season came out.

The makers of The Cleaning Lady have not yet announced when Season 3 will officially come out. On top of it, viewers of this popular web series are also saying nice things about the cast on The Cleaner Lady Seasons one and two. Also, they want to know who will be back over the third season. The stars below may be back for Season 3 of The Cleaning Lady.

  • Tony De La Rosa is played by Elodie Yung.
  • Taking on the role of Fiona De La Rosa.
  • Garrett Miller played by Oliver Hudson
  • Adan Canto playing Arman Morales
  • Robert Kamdar is played by Sean Lux as Chris Naveen Andrews
  • Nadia Morales is played by Eva De Dominici.
  • As Jaz, Faith Bryant
  • Tyler Jefferson played by K.C. Collins
  • Jones played by Ryan Sands
  • Hayak Barsamian played by Navid Negahban
  • Katie Russo is played by Liza Weil.
  • The Councilman is Jay Mohr. Jack Knight
  • Mark De La Rosa played by Ivan Shaw
  • I see Chelsea Frei as Maya Campbell.
  • Sherif Negar plays Isabel Barsamian.

These actors are just a small part of the possible group. The people who make the show may also bring in other talented people.

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 : Storyline

Details about Season 3 haven’t come out yet, but here’s what Fox says about the show: Miranda Kwok, who (The 100) created The Cleaning Lady, which is an emotional morality drama about a smart Cambodian doctor named Tony who comes to the US to get medical care for her sick son Luca. 

The showrunners are Melissa Carter (Queen Glucose), Shay Mitchell, Jr. (You, Pretty Little Lies), David Dean the author, Rose Marie Vega, or Paola Suarez. Thony has to save the youngster on her own because her husband, Marco, is addicted to gaming and can’t get a visa, and her son has a life-threatening immune disorder. 

Tony used to have a great job being a doctor, an affectionate partner, or a family. Now she is in Las Vegas alongside her sister-in-law Frances (Martha Millan, This OA), looking for a matched bone marrow donor to Luca while working illegally and trying to make ends meet.

“But as the system fails or forces her to hide, she won’t be beaten down or pushed to the edges.” By chance, she meets Arman Morales (ADan Canto, Targeted Survivor, The previously Following), a member of a strong crime organisation, and ends up working for them as a cleaner. 

Thony enters a world with mixed morals and starts living two lives at once. She keeps secrets from her relatives whilst cleaning crime scenes to Arman and avoiding the police, including FBI Director Garrett Miller, that are after her. 

Thony uses her smarts and cunning to make her own way in the criminal underworld. She does whatever it takes to save Luca, even when it means giving up her own life. Even though we don’t know anything about the next season, it seems likely that Thony’s main goal will be to keep Fiona from being deported and bring herself back to America.

During a lot of Season 2 of The Cleaning Lady, Arman was split between Thony and Nadia. It indicates that it will continue on in Season 3. As of now, both women are strong, so Nadia knows that Arman likes Thony. He would do anything to get Fiona back, regardless of it meant leaving something important behind. It might be interesting to see what’s going on in Arman’s mind and how he feels as he tries to regain his rightful power and place in the company.

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