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“The definitive proof that the Earth is flat”: a young Spanish man shows his ‘experiment’ on TikTok and laughter rains down

Posted: Dec 3, 2021 17:40 GMT

Many already knew that @Cristiandelatierra is dedicated to humor, as his followers know on social networks, for which they have chosen to follow his game and add data to his theory.

“If this experiment does not open your eyes, I no longer know what can open your eyes, really.” This is how a young man has concluded a video that has gone viral on social networks in recent days in which, through an ‘experiment’, he demonstrates without a doubt that the earth is flat.

@ Christiandelatierra, with more than 24,000 followers and 463,000 likes on TikTok, he only needed to use a small stone and a ball with the colors of the Sevillian soccer team of Betis to make his successful demonstration. The pebble represented an airplane, while the ball, of course, was our planet Earth.

At the beginning of the recording, the netizen delights his viewers with “a little bit of theory”. Thus, he says that airplanes travel at between 500 and 700 kilometers per hour, while the Earth “goes around like this” at a speed of 107,280 kilometers per hour. A somewhat different conclusion to that of scientists who estimate the movement of the earth at just over 1,600 kilometers per hour.

“It doesn’t make sense, does it?”, Continues the self-taught expert, explaining that if the plane travels in the same direction as the planet, it will reach its destination “at once”, while if it goes the other way it “never comes”, because of the speed difference, obviously.

Some netizens have found clear flaws in his explanation, such as @LilKanny, who thinks that this hypothesis would have somewhat chaotic practical effects: “If I jump in AndalusiaThe seconds that I am in the air the Earth continues to rotate and when I touch the ground again, Do I fall into the Atlantic?“He asks himself, and adds another question:” And if I jump off a bridge, where do I fall? “

Other users have stayed more in the anecdote and have noted their interest in geography. Thus, they have highlighted the first hypothetical plane trip that is proposed in the video: from Spain to Teruel. Some have been confused, since they thought that Teruel was the capital of a homonymous province in the interior of Spain, although, luckily, other spectators have taken them out of their error.

Many already knew that @Cristiandelatierra is dedicated to humor, as his followers know on social networks, for which they have chosen to follow his game and add data to his theory, such as that the very name of the celestial body, planet, already indicates that it is flat.

Other tweeters have refuted his theory, although in the same humorous way that the young man uses.

But not everyone has realized that it was a comic video and there have been many that have been applied to vilify the educational system Spanish, maintaining that this person was a clear example of his quality.

Precisely, the clash between those who have understood the irony of this funny imitation of one of the denier groups innocuous of these times and those who have taken the video seriously, and have not stopped attaching scientific demonstrations that refute this hypothesis or have dedicated themselves to severely criticizing the basic knowledge of its author, has reminded many Internet users of the Poe’s law.

This aphorism indicates that in the absence of an explicit indication it is impossible to distinguish between ideological extremisms and its own parody.

However, most Internet users have been laughing and turning this recording into a viral video with which to make the week more bearable.

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