The Equalizer Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The Equalizer Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

In the United States of America, The Equalizer is a TV show that started on CBS on February 7, 2021. It is the follow-up to the movie from 2014 and the movie from 2018 that came after it. It is also a relaunch of the 1980s TV show with the same name.

The show was picked to return for an additional season in March 2021, and the first episode of the new season is set to air on October 10, 2021. If you’d like to recognise when Stargirl Season 3 will air, keep reading.

In season 3 of The Equalizer, Queen Latifah is back as the tough, no-nonsense vigilante Robyn McCall. This is great news for people who like watching the starlet play the ex-CIA agent as she tries to get justice for everyone who asks for her help.

Here’s what we know about season 3 of The Equalizer.

The Equalizer Season 3 Release Date:

The Equalizer 3 will come out on September 1, 2023, five years after the first sequel. Soon after the second movie came out, filmmaker Antoine Fuqua confirmed that there would be more in the series.

“Personally, I’d love for it to happen,” he told CinemaBlend. I mean that the viewer has spoken, so let’s hope it does well for the rest of its life. “Sony has talked about it and brought it up. It would be fun to do it again. I’d love to do it with Denzel again. If that happens, I’d like to see The Equalizer 3.”

The Equalizer Season 3 Trailer Release:

There is no trailer for Season 3 of The Equalizer right now. Please, though, keep checking our website for news about the coming season. If so, you’ll be able to see it on our website. You can watch the trailer for the last season here.

The Equalizer Season 3 Cast:

In The Equalizer 3, Denzel Washington will play Robert McCall again. He’ll also work with Dakota Fanning, who was in Man on Fire and will play a role that hasn’t been decided yet.

Other people who are in The Equalizer 3 are:

  • Sonia Ben Ammar Remo Girone
  • Andrea Dodero
  • Eugenio Mastrandrea Andrea Scarduzio
  • Salvatore Ruocco
  • Daniele Perrone
  • Gaia Scodellaro

The important people are back. Robyn, this means that Queen Latifah will be back as the Equalizer. Queen Latifah is royalty because of her work in Hollywood and the music business. Latifah has been in many different movies and TV shows, including Hustle, Star, Living Single, Hollywood, Beauty Shop, and many more. She has also won a Grammy Award for rapping.

Lorraine Toussaint (Orange Is the New Black), Laya DeLeon Hayes (Raven’s Home), Liza Lapira (Nancy Drew), Adam Goldberg (God Friended Me), and Tory Kittles are also expected to be in the movie (Harriet).

As people who watched season 2 know, Chris Noth, who played William Bishop, was a regular on the show and left after some serious allegations came out.

The Equalizer Season 3 Storyline:

The latest news is that there will not be a new season of “The Equalizer.” Since third season has already aired, it’s hard to guess what the spoiler will be at this point.

Please stay in touch with us, because as soon as we find out anything about the next season of The Equalizer, we’ll post it here.

Even though there are no formal plot specifics for The Equalizer 3, it seems likely that Robert McCall will be looking for a new conspiracy or gang in Europe.

Fuqua had previously told CinemaBlend, “I would love for it to take place internationally. I think Denzel would be a great James Bond-type character.” Denzel and I have a lot of different conversations.

The end of Season 2 was quite a cliffhanger. A car hit the three women while Robyn was driving with Vi (Lorraine Toussaint) and Delilah (Laya DeLeon Hayes) in the car. As they were trying to figure out where they were, two attackers ran up to Robyn, put a hood over her head, and threw her in an SVU.

Vi and Deliliah couldn’t do anything to stop it, though. But they will definitely help save her along with the Equalizer team.

We’d guess that once Robyn gets away from her kidnappers, she’ll be determined to get revenge on those who hurt her. So those who are to blame might want to be careful.

We still don’t know what will happen in Season 3. But, let’s think back to what happened in the last episode of Season 2. The last episode, called “Exposed,” came out on May 15, 2022. It is said to have been seen by about 6.84 million people in the US.

Also, viewers saw McCall infiltrate the Cuban embassy in order to get to the secret records on Omar Delgado, a close friend of Mason Quinn’s. When she tells Harry and Mel what she knows, they are reluctant to help her because of the link to Bishop’s death.

McCall also asks Carter Griffin for help, and Griffin is able to find Delgado and set up a task force to arrest him. After conducting interviews him, he and his crew find nothing, so McCall tries to find something. In order to get him to trust them, they plan his escape. Vera, a friend of Delilah’s, runs for student head of state, but an ex-boyfriend, Logan Jeffries, puts a naked picture of her online.

In season 2, Robyn gives up on her plan to stop being a crime fighter when Marcus asks her to help find the robbers who killed Detective Paley but haven’t been caught yet. Also, she briefly runs into her ex-husband, Dr. Miles, which makes things more complicated. Later, DA Grafton goes after Robyn with a vengeance, but stops when Robyn means saving her from a murder plot.

Robyn and her team are working on a number of cases at the same time. Mel, however, tells them that Harry is still alive. But he is caught, and William has to walk him out of jail. The second person was killed when Mason’s plane crashed. As the season ends, Robyn and Mason argue about William’s death, and Delilah finds out that Harry and Mel helped her mother.

The third season might pick up where the second season left off and show if Robyn is able to get William’s death avenged. Also, it’s indeed likely to be looking at how Delilah and Robyn’s relationship has changed now that Delilah knows who her mother really is.

Robyn and Dante could fall in love, and DA Grafton could decide to go after the Equalizer again. These are all possible storylines that could be developed. Also, our skilled main character will have to deal with a new set of hard cases while she and her team continue to help people in New York.

Ratings and Reviews For Season 3 of “The Equalizer”:


If you’ve never seen the show and want to know how good it is, I can say that it’s pretty good. IMDb gives the show a good rating of 5.0/10, and Rotten Tomatoes says that 76 percent of people liked it. So, I think this show is without a doubt a must-see.


I don’t get why there are so many bad reviews. I just finished watching the first episode, and I really liked it!!! If you take away the original show and the movies, what’s left is a simple show that doesn’t require much thought. I liked it and was looking forward to the next part.

How Many Episodes Will be Included in The Upcoming Season of The Equalizer?

The showrunner decided that the next season of “The Equalizer” would have at least 18 episodes, just like the previous seasons. So, the next season should have at least 18 episodes.

  1. Aftermath; Episode 1
  2. The Kingdom; Episode 2
  3. Leverage; Episode 3
  4. The People Aren’t Ready; Episode 4
  5. Followers; Episode 5
  6. Shooter; Episode 6
  7. When Worlds Collide; Episode 7
  8. Separated; Episode 8
  9. Bout That Life; Episode 9
  10. Legacy; Episode 10
  11. Chinatown; Episode 11
  12. Somewhere Over the Hudson; Episode 12
  13. D.W.B.; Episode 13
  14. Pulse; Episode 14
  15. Hard Money; Episode 15
  16. Vox Populi; Episode 16
  17. What Dreams May Come; Episode 17
  18. Exposed; Episode 18

Where To Watch The Equalizer Season 3 Online?

The Equalizer Third season is available on Netflix, just like the other seasons.

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