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Human evolution has occurred in nature. In actual fact, we’ve got advanced alongside it and it has facilitated most of the steps we’ve got taken.

That’s the reason our physique and thoughts adore nature. That’s the reason the pure world heals us.

So long as I really feel exhausted or overly stuffed with thoughts, go to a pure place, the place I can see the inexperienced of the bushes, hearken to the track of the birds and see the blue sky in all its extension, I really feel that it’s the antidote towards stress and towards a lot of the evils of the 21st century .

The secret of the forests

Forests are magical locations the place we are able to join extra deeply with delicate energies that we can’t see, however can really feel.

Forests are communities the place every tree communicates with the remaining. Research in these locations have proven that communication happens by way of the roots but in addition by way of the air.

So when a tree senses that there’s a hazard close by, it alerts neighboring bushes by way of chemical substances that they secrete. It’s a nice instance of the significance of the neighborhood to outlive.

Many research have proven that going to forests helps us … (Park, BJ., Et al., 2020).

Scale back our stress (the true pandemic of the 21st century).

Modifies the functioning of the cardiovascular system: It decreases our coronary heart price and will increase the variability of the guts price (the time that passes from one beat to the following), the pulsations are additionally decreased, which signifies that the guts works in a more healthy and extra balanced manner.

Modifies the secretion of hormones: Hormones corresponding to adrenaline and cortisol, current in stress, are additionally decreased.

Enhance our immune system: Will increase the white blood cell depend (indicating a stronger immune system to combat viruses and micro organism) and likewise reduces the cytokines that flow into in our blood, indicating that the irritation of the physique is decreased.

Mind waves: Our mind additionally works in a different way once we are in a forest. With a stroll of simply 15 minutes, the mind begins to operate with alpha mind waves (detected within the occipital lobe) and these waves are related to states of deep rest, a state of relaxed alertness, calm, studying and point out that our mind works in a coordinated and balanced manner. These walks by way of the forest assist us really feel extra relaxed, snug, pure and fewer anxious (Hassan, A., et al., 2018).

Query of neurotransmitters

As you may have seen, the advantages of strolling by way of a forest are many. However there’s nonetheless extra …

Our mind works in two methods: electrically (by way of mind waves and electrical discharges) and chemically (by way of the secretion of neurotransmitters).

The chemical communication of our mind happens by way of the synapse, a obtain of knowledge that travels from one neuron to the following. Greater than 60 neurotransmitters have been detected.

Once we are in nature, our mind secretes sure chemical substances, accountable for the sensation of rest … serotonin.

The serotonin regulates temper, promotes social conduct, regulates urge for food, digestion, sleep, sexual want. Though the deficit of this neurotransmitter has been related to despair, the truth is that the causal relationship between decrease ranges of serotonin and despair will not be clear.

Earlier than it was believed that solely the mind launched neurotransmitters, however now it’s identified that 95% of this chemical is launched by the gut. That’s the reason I imagine that the thoughts will not be solely present in our mind, however that it’s in our whole physique.

Once we are open air, our our bodies are uncovered to daylight, and the solar is thought to assist us secrete serotonin. Daylight permits us to have vitamin D within the physique and this vitamin is vital within the segregation of melatonin, a hormone that regulates our circadian cycle and is vital to initiating sleep conduct (Shina, WS, Lee, J., 2020).

That’s the reason after a day in nature, we are able to really feel deeply relaxed and we additionally relaxation higher at night time.

Working towards Shinrin-yoku

The Japanese have all the time identified that going to nature is a healing observe that fills us with stability.

That’s the reason they’ve an historic observe referred to as “Shinrin-yoku“Or”Forest tub”.

This observe consists of creating an immersion within the forest and this entails not solely strolling by way of the forest, however feeling it deeply, internalizing the calm and cooperation that we see exterior ourselves.

If you wish to observe this forest tub (a observe that docs from Scotland and Galicia suggest to their sufferers to cut back their ranges of stress, nervousness and despair), you possibly can observe some ideas:

Stroll slowly by way of the forest or park. Watch your legs and arms transfer. Really feel the temperature of this place, the heat of the solar in your pores and skin. Decelerate your thoughts as you stroll calmly. Get misplaced within the pure sounds of the forest. Pay attention the notes of birdsong. Observe the leaves of the bushes, each on their branches and on the bottom. Odor the contemporary scent of the forest. Observe the colour of the trunk, the earth and the leaves and fruits. Let the ideas Get out of your thoughts. Really feel the forest in your physique and in your thoughts.

Going to nature heals us, as a result of it’s our first nice mom


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