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The Impact of the Smartphone on Mobile Games

The Impact of the Smartphone on Mobile Games

The advent of smartphones has changed the gaming market for good. Not only it has enhanced the number of gamers, but it has boosted the popularity of gaming to new heights. Today the number of gamers has increased to over 2 billion worldwide, and the possibilities offered by this market has increased significantly. That being said, let’s take a look at the impact of the smartphone on the gaming market. 

Mobile Games 

The introduction of mobile games has proven to be one of the major changes in the market because otherwise, the users needed to use their computers or game consoles to access the latest games and other titles that interested them. 

In general, the public uses smartphones on a daily basis for over 100 minutes. Hence, mobile games have become an excellent way for users to pass the time. So, the developers created mobile games as fun, easy to play, with a simple interface. Their accessibility on the gaming market attracted many non-gamers or casual gamers that simply want to have fun on the move.  

Online Casinos 

The first casino site was created in 1994, and since then, they have utilized technological innovations to create a high-end technological platform for the users. Thanks to mobile technology, online casinos were developed for mobile platforms and reached an entirely new audience of users.  

Online casinos like NetBet casino were developed to be available on both Apple and Android devices, and the users were able to have a seamless gambling experience on the move. They access a great range of mobile casino games from reputable providers and can choose from an equally great number of online casino sites adapted for mobile gaming or in just a couple of clicks from their mobile device. 

The New Audience 

The demographics of the gaming market has also changed, as we mentioned. Thanks to the popularity of mobile games, there were a lot of new users on the market, that started to play different games on their mobile devices. They were generally not attracted to gaming or video games, but they wanted to play mobile games as a source of entertainment on the move. Furthermore, the smartphone has also pushed other gaming sectors like casinos to develop their own mobile versions and apps for online gambling. 

Mobile Versions of Video Games 

The popularity of mobile gaming has also inspired a lot of famous developers to create mobile versions of their own famous titles, so you can play mobile versions of the video games on your mobile devices. This came to be because the technology has become really advanced, and there were a lot more opportunities for brands to create high-quality mobile versions of their famous video games. So, you can actually play highly competitive mobile games like Minecraft, Call of Duty and many other different games that are accessible across mobile and desktop devices. 


In conclusion, smartphones have had a positive impact on the gaming market because they promoted the growth of mobile games and the gaming sector in general. They also changed the demographics of a lot of new users, especially women that wanted to play mobile games on the move.  

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