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The Importance of Gaining Actionable Employee Insights

The Importance of Gaining Actionable Employee Insights

If you’re like most employers these days, you’re busily trying to figure out how to recruit and retain talent amid an unprecedented economic and societal milieu that has upended business models and spawned a tight labor economy. Your priority in this regard should be gaining an understanding of your people and what they like and don’t like.

While the best way to accomplish this is through surveys and related efforts, you do need to go beyond the requisite annual employee engagement survey to get the data you need to make smart decisions and improve the employee experience. Keep reading for more about the importance of gaining actionable employee insights.

The Employee Experience

The employee experience alludes to the distillation of everything an employee perceives, observes, and encounters throughout their time with an organization.

The Importance of the Employee Experience

To be able to thrive during such disruption, it’s crucial that you get key employees in place – and keep them there. In other words, you simply must create an employee experience that will make talent want to come to you and stay. After all, organizations that provide a great employee experience – a culture where moods are usually good and morale, high — produce 25 percent more profits than those that do not. 

Again, such creation requires actionable employee insights gained largely from, yes, the employee survey as well as other measures.

Gaining More Insights

To truly unlock performance and establish a culture in which employees are engaged and productive, you must get feedback from your people – throughout the employee lifecycle. That means during onboarding, transitions, life events, etc. Such regular “listening” can help you draw important connections between the employee experience and your organization’s bottom line.

Mercer’s Approach

Mercer is a top HR consultant that puts together strategic “listening programs” that combine just the right methodologies with content and the agile technology necessary for a still-evolving business environment. Mercer offers integrative analytics and insights that are made for action. That, in addition to tailored strategies that produce positive organizational change.

Mercer’s insights solutions include a yearly census, multiple employee engagement surveys, listening programs, and regular pulse surveys. They also include digital focus groups – scalable, open, interactive conversations that provide crowdsourced insights from your people on a variety of topics.

Moreover, Mercer can help you gain an understanding of what’s meaningful to your employees, in areas of preferences, priorities, and needs, so you can ultimately create the best possible employee experience, with the bottom line to match.

Pulse Surveys

As the term “pulse” suggests, these are relative short, quick surveys that are conducted periodically (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) to continually gain employees’ views on subjects that can include relationships and communication and the like. Typically, the number of survey questions range from five to 15.

These surveys are particularly successful because, well, they’re short (which makes sense if they are to be regularly administered). Employees don’t want to be overwhelmed with long AND periodic surveys.

What’s more, the surveys are effective because they can assess how specific workplace aspects are responding to some modification such as a new technology solution. They also make employees feel more cared for, foster a positive workplace culture, and are easy to administer. 

In sum, the importance of gaining actionable employee insights cannot be overstated. The good news is that, through regular employee listening, you can do just that – gain insights then evaluate and improve the employee experience. An improved employee experience means better recruitment and retention and an improved bottom line. If you wish to unlock performance and empower your company, we suggest you contact the global HR consultant Mercer, which has the experience and expertise you need.

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